P-pop Rising Stars BINI take us backstage as they look back on a few of their most memorable moments with fellow artists at shows in this episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes.

Having performed in multiple shows across the Philippines already as well as internationally, BINI have shared the stage with countless other artists, many of whom they have always admired and looked up to. Recalling some of these events, the 8-piece pop unit fondly looked back on how, particularly, two of these artists have undeniably left positive and lasting impressions on the Nation’s Girl Group thanks to meeting them at these shows.

According to member Aiah, she shared to host Ingrid Marie, one of them was KZ Tandingan. She called to mind how Asia’s Soul Supreme herself encouraged and gave them performance tips prior and after a concert they performed at together. “She was so nice,” Aiah shared. “Before we started and even after, she was giving us a lot of pep talk[s]. We had to huddle, she was telling us pieces of advice that we can apply when we perform, she was telling us to let loose.” Aiah further stated it felt like a “mini bonding” where the group felt like they could be themselves, picking up valuable lessons from the veteran singer along the way.

Meanwhile, Jhoanna shares, the other artist was folk-pop icons Ben&Ben. “Parang mga ate at kuya lang po namin sila [They’re like our older siblings],” stated the BINI leader with a smile as she recalled when they shared the stage with the 9-member hitmakers in Australia for 1MX Sydney. Adding to this, Mikha also reminisced on how the group got emotional to the point of crying just by watching them.

On the topic of shows, the members of BINI also shared their essential pre-show rituals as well as discussed how they have resourcefully handled technical difficulties and unexpected challenges during these events. In particular, member Colet shared of a time when the soles of all their footwear started falling off before a performance and they, alongside their staff, had to quickly find a way to fix them before going on-stage.

This episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes initially premiered last March 27, exclusively on Facebook and Spotify. As of May 26, it can now also be viewed on Billboard Philippines‘ official Youtube channel.

Watch the full episode of BINI’s first time on Billboard Philippines Volumes on Youtube below: