Following its recent rollout in the United States and United Kingdom, TikTok‘s “Add To Music App” feature is now available in the Philippines –– alongside eighteen other additional markets worldwide.

The feature has revolutionized the music discovery landscape for the app’s users, with the innovative tool allowing TikTok enthusiasts to seamlessly preserve their newfound musical gems on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

Initially launched in the United States and the United Kingdom, this dynamic feature is now making waves across other countries aside from the Philippines, including Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Sweden, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, Argentina, Colombia, The Netherlands, Turkey, South Africa, and Vietnam.

Presenting itself as a user-friendly button labeled ‘Add Song’ adjacent to a track name within the For You Feed, the “Add to Music App” feature facilitates a swift transition from TikTok to the chosen streaming service. Amazon Music’s availability is noteworthy, though it’s unavailable in markets such as the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, UAE, Turkey, and South Africa.

Upon pressing the ‘Add Song’ button for the first time, users have the freedom to designate their preferred music streaming service. Furthermore, users can curate their musical journey by opting to add tracks to either a new or existing playlist. It’s worth noting that these selections default to standard locations on the respective music streaming platforms.

Lindsey Kelt, Distribution Partnerships at TikTok, expressed enthusiasm about the global expansion, stating, “With Add to Music App, we’ve streamlined the music discovery experience in the US and the UK for both TikTok users and artists. We are excited to expand access to this transformational feature to TikTok users in so many additional countries and bring more joy through a simplified musical discovery experience.”

Just recently, TikTok also recently launched “Artist Accounts” as another new feature on the popular social media platform. Intending to drive artist engagement and music discovery on the app, the new feature acts as a showcase for musicians while also providing insights into their creative process and highlighting their latest releases.