It’s been established over time that Filipino talent is worthy of recognition on a global scale.

Several artists have made a name for themselves, whether it be icons like Lea Salonga, global forces like Sarah Geronimo, or powerhouse performers like Regine Velasquez-Alcasid. Filipino artists have begun to carve out their own distinct melodies, capturing the attention of listeners worldwide with their unique voices and vibrant performances. Unsurprisingly, our local talents have left an indelible mark on the international music scene yet, the potential for further elevation remains boundless, especially through collaborations with renowned international acts.

While individual success stories have showcased the remarkable talent within the Philippines, the potential of collaborative endeavors offers a unique opportunity to bridge cultures, fuse genres, and create musical masterpieces that manage to resonate with diverse audiences worldwide. Through strategic partnerships with international acts, Filipino artists not only expand their reach but also enrich the global music landscape with their rich cultural heritage and artistic flair.

From musical acts like SB19, and Ben&Ben, to James Reid, Billboard Philippines lists down our curated list of eight songs that exemplify the prowess of Filipino artists collaborating with global icons –– which further amplifies the presence of OPM talent on the world stage.

I Feel Good – Pink Sweat$ and Arthur Miguel

Arthur Miguel’s hit songs like “Lihim” may have already established him as one of the most promising artists out here to watch out for, yet just a year before the track’s release, he made a special appearance on the Asian version of Pink Sweat$ “I Feel Good”. As if the song couldn’t get any better, having Miguel appear as a guest feature on the hit track made the track even more resonant for its Filipino listeners –– finding a new audience in the process.

The Awit Award-winning track was released one year past its anniversary, breathing new life into the certified hit with a Filipino touch. As we hear Miguel croon his way into the second verse of the song, his impressive yet effortless vocal delivery adds a new layer of serenity to a track that serves its purpose as a vibrant anthem of positivity and bliss. From Miguel and Pink Sweat$n collaboration, the track tells us and its listeners to just take in the moment, and to go with the flow as we take in the conveyed ambiance of finding pleasure through an optimistic mindset

Lykkelig – D’Sound and Armi Millare

Though renowned vocalist Armi Millare and Norwegian trio D’Sound have partnered up for a total of three collaborative singles since 2018, their first musical venture “Lykkelig” is what continues to stand the test of time for us.

“Lykkelig” marks a stark contrast in sound from what we’re used to hearing Millare perform with her previous band, making for a dance-worthy anthem that’s ready-made for both the beach and the dancefloor. Both groovy and dreamy, the track features an outstanding vocal performance from the former UDD frontwoman that complements the funk beats and empowering nature of the song. It’s not common to hear Filipino lyrics such as those penned by Millare unabashedly embraced within this sonic realm or genre, yet it’s a creative gamble that we hope more Millare, other artists, and producers could continue to emulate in future OPM tracks.

Jacuzzi – James Reid, B.I, and DJ Flict

James Reid is no stranger to collaborating with a plethora of international acts, whether it’s K-pop stars like Jay B of GOT7, Taiwanese R&B act ØZI, and Woosung of K-rock rock band The Rose among many others. Yet for us, one of his best (and catchiest) examples of this phenomenon comes from his latest single “Jacuzzi” –– which features iKON’s leader, B.I.

In the hit track, Reid’s soulful vocal delivery perfectly complements B.I‘s killer rap verse –– making for an easygoing poolside track that spotlights their best and most distinct qualities as musicians. With its blend of the genres of pop and house music, the production from Grammy-winner DJ Flict utilizes dynamic synths and upbeat electronic elements to result in a feel-good song that’s perfect for the summer heat, yet also exemplifies what makes Reid’s music so resonant and inviting for both universal audiences and collaborators.

Leaves – Ben&Ben and Young K

While Ben&Ben‘s “Leaves” has been recognized as their breakout hit from 2017, the folk-pop’s devoted fanbase (and perhaps even some members of the band) rightfully prefer the later rendition of the beloved track that was released last 2021 and featured Day6’s Young K.

Described by the group as a “remake” of the original, the 2021 version features the rest of the band’s full instrumentation and additional choir-esque harmony arrangement in addition to Young K’s verse on the track. Though it’s a stark difference from the original piano and guitar-only arrangement, Miguel Benjamin described the new rendition as having been heavily based on how the full band adapted the song for their live performances over the years. Young K also expressed his enthusiasm for partnering with Ben&Ben, citing admiration for the band’s music and shared vision as his reasoning to why he wanted to participate in this new version of the song.

The final result is one that enhances the magic of the original track –– showcasing just how far the beloved band has come over time, both in sound and in terms of resonance worldwide.

Mess We’ve Made – AJ Rafael and Tori Kelly

Filipino-American singer-songwriter AJ Rafael has been recognized over the years for his warm melodies, yet his duet with two-time Grammy winner Tori Kelly offers a solemn, if not emotive duet that highlights a beautiful exchange of talent between the two close friends.

Though this was recorded before Kelly rose to prominence, “Mess We’ve Made” delves into themes of love, regret, and reconciliation with its poignant lyrics. Kelly and Rafael’s voices blend seamlessly together, creating a harmonious and captivating sound that draws listeners in. Their expressive delivery imbues the song with sincerity and vulnerability, allowing the emotions of the lyrics to resonate deeply as it captures the bittersweet essence of love and the journey of two individuals navigating through its highs and lows.

Process – Jess Connelly and Awich

A collaboration track from one of the Philippines’ best R&B acts and Japan’s Queen of Hip Hop sounds like a deadly combination on paper, but hearing the final product with the duo’s track, “Process“, proves that some collaborations can manage to live up beyond its initial potential –– resulting in a smooth sonic dream.

What works about “Process” is that it not only features the best aspects of both their talents, but also hearing the two songstresses together showcases their unique vocal styles. Connelly’s vocals are soulful and smooth, with a hint of vulnerability that adds depth to the song’s introspective themes, while AWICH’s vocals bring a dynamic energy to the track. With the latter’s confident delivery and charismatic presence, she adds a sense of assertiveness and attitude to the song. Her verses are delivered with precision and flair, complementing Connelly’s style and creating an engaging contrast between the two artists.

Spinning – No Rome, Charli XCX, and The 1975

Following the smashing success of their collaboration “Narcissist“, Filipino shoegaze R&B musician No Rome and British indie band The 1975 decided to push their creative boundaries even further with “Spinning” which now included beloved hyper pop act Charli XCX into the mix.

Simultaneously fun, fresh, and frenetic, “Spinning” stands out for its ambitious production that sees three musical visionaries contributing their unique talents all on one shared canvas. In our opinion, it’s actually one of No Rome’s best tracks in his discography –– due to its well-paired combination of both house and glitch pop as an expression of euphoria. Even with the timing of its release during the height of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the song is an absolute bop that makes for a great, dance-worthy anthem that’s perfect for both the club and an intimate house party.

It’s indicative of how well No Rome’s contributions can liven up any song –– as well as how it can pair with some of the international industry’s most innovative artists of today.

MOONLIGHT – SB19, Ian Asher, and Terry Zhong

sb19 moonlight terry zhang ian asher

Courtesy of @SB19Official

While “MOONLIGHT” has yet to be officially released, there’s no doubt about just how big of a splash SB19’s first international collaboration will be –- even when considering the massive amount of anticipation shared by fans even prior to the release of the track.

The Kings of P-pop have already established themselves as some of OPM’s best and brightest musical acts, yet witnessing their first collaboration on the global stage showcases just how far they’ve come since their 2019 debut. With the assistance of 21-year-old producer and DJ Ian Asher and emo dance-pop musician Terry Zhong on the track, the upbeat electronic track showcases a new sound for the beloved boy band –– reinventing themselves along the genres of EDM, hyper pop, and house music.

Even with a new set of influences, we definitely have full faith that the track is gonna be stellar, and we won’t be surprised if “MOONLIGHT” will become a stellar collaboration track to be remembered over the course of OPM history.