As we begin the second half of the year, we’re closing out our mid-year round up with our favorite music videos so far.

While it’s a known fact that music videos rarely make it out of the Filipino music scene, there have been a select few that have not only come out but truly exemplify the artistry of the local industry. From the enticing stories attached to our favorite pop summer hits to the impressive production of some indie gems, the year has seen a number of standout music videos.

So, to welcome an even greater second half of 2024, the Billboard Philippines team lists our picks for the best music videos of the year (so far).

Please, Please, Please” – Sabrina Carpenter

For her latest earworm “Please Please Please,” Sabrina Carpenter debuted a visually stunning music video that co-stars her real-life beau, Barry Keoghan. Set against the backdrop of a Bonnie and Clyde narrative, the video pulsates with energy as the duo embarks on a journey through love and crime, effortlessly encapsulating their remarkable connection.

What truly dazzles is Carpenter’s bold move to cast her significant other in a role that mirrors the song’s narrative — a plea not to be let down. The irony is palpable as she sings about defying expectations, all the while showcasing her undeniable chemistry with Keoghan. It’s a masterful stroke that elevates the video to a whole new level of artistry and adding a layer of authenticity that is truly impressive. — Gabriel Saulog, Writer

Aurora – Toneejay

Is there something about yourself that you haven’t told anyone else? 

In the music video for “Aurora,” the chart-topping Toneejay asks us the very same question, teaming up with renowned visual artist Geloy Concepcion.

“Aurora” is a reflective track, exploring themes of self-love, being true to one’s self and their passions, and letting one’s light shine forth unhindered. With its music video — the first that Concepcion has ever directed — the heartwarming message of “Aurora” is beautifully translated into visual form, showcasing various individuals with their unique accounts of love, pain, joy, anxiety, hope, and everything in between. It mirrors Concepcion’s years-long project “Things You Wanted To Say But Never Did,” where the esteemed artist receives anonymous online confessions from countless people across the globe. With great care and respect for the senders and their stories, he then takes these unspoken thoughts and memories and transforms them into stirring and relatable imagery using his own photography and handwriting.

The simplicity of the music video’s overall execution is ultimately where its own light shines brightest, giving space for its very essence to peek through and effectively bringing home the message of one of this year’s most uplifting tracks yet. — Mayks Go, Photographer and Writer

“Love wins all” – IU

There’s no story more compelling than a whirlwind romance in the middle of the apocalypse. The music video for “Love wins all” shows a scared and beaten-up IU and V of BTS running away from an all-powerful cube set on destroying everything in its path. Amidst their hunt for safety, the pair run into items that conjure up moments of the life and love they could have had together. From adorable photo booth pictures to romantic ballroom dances, it’s an alluring what-could-have-been that pulls on the heartstrings.

Even without dialogue, IU and V manage to tell a touching story that is so captivating in just under five minutes. By the end of it all, you’re asking more questions — how did the apocalypse begin? Were they lovers before it started, or did they meet in the rubble of it all? The entire music video could have been a preview of a K-drama. — Franchesca Judine Basbas, Digital Editor

Dilaw” – Maki

Who doesn’t love a cute coming-of-age romance? The music video for Maki’s “Dilaw” featuring BINI Maloi is equal parts nostalgic and dreamy. The creative use of yellow accents and lighting make the visual creative yet not too in-your-face. The visual also uses mixed media, which makes it even more cinematic and unique to the emotion the song evokes. It’s cute, sweet, and a perfect match to the song. — Kara Angan, Writer

Woke Up” – XG

True to their name of being “Xtraordinary Girls”, XG have constantly proven that they’re not your typical girl group. More than ever, with the music video for their latest hit track “Woke Up”, the Japanese global pop unit have certainly outdone themselves.

Pushing the envelope of just how visually stunning a music video can be, “Woke Up” sees XG offering a tasty smorgasbord of colorful, avant-garde optical stunners – complete with fiery explosions, high-speed outer space travel, futuristic sports cars, and more. Alongside these, we see the members of XG personally employ some of their most out-of-the-box stylistic choices yet, including their eye makeup, nail accessories, and costumes. Not to mention that one sequence involving rapper Cocona and her hair that has since gone viral.

This music video sends a message that defying expectations continues to be the name of the game for XG, hand-in-hand with their exploration into a fully rap-centric direction with the track. For a badass song that sees the 7-member group confidently tap into their unusual, there could not have been a more fitting, grandiose music video to accompany it.

We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)” – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s cinematic music video to “We Can’t Be Friends (Wait For Your Love)” pays loving homage to the beloved film Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind — perfectly replicating the breadth of emotions that the latter is known for. Its sweeping montage of a couple falling in and out of love tells a heartbreaking tale that is surprisingly effective to any viewer who beholds the video, which stands as a testament to Grande’s convincing acting chops. The impressive production further sells its story even further, making this one of the best music videos from Grande’s already spectacular discography. — Gabriel Saulog

“My Mind” – Sarah Geronimo, Billy Crawford

Futuristic and flashy, the music video for “My Mind” shows Sarah Geronimo like we’ve never seen her before. Featuring an extended dance break, decked-out sets, and a panoramic view of the city skyline, the music video — which co-stars Filipino R&B star Billy Crawford — is incredibly enticing, having you locked in with every single frame. — Franchesca Judine Basbas

Salamin, Salamin” – BINI

Bright, bubblegum, and fun are just a few words to sum up BINI’s aesthetic, and the visual for “Salamin Salamin” is just that. The Y2k-themed music video isn’t just a feast for the eyes, but a fashion statement that solidifies the place of ribbons, butterfly clips, and arm warmers in today’s culture. This is definitely BINI at their best (so far) — visually and sonically. — Kara Angan


In a flurry of lovestruck-themed music videos, it’s quite refreshing to see a video start with an artist so over and outwardly disgusted by all the couples around him. The music video follows V walking through life, irritated by all the love that surrounds him, then later sees a switch-up after love finds V — all before he eventually meets his demise. While the story of the music video — which I am, admittedly, confused by — is immensely compelling on its own, the cinematography on its own makes it worth watching. Every scene makes you want to pause and fully take in every corner of the screen. — Franchesca Judine Basbas

Cosmic” – Red Velvet

Throughout their career, Red Velvet are no strangers to tapping into more uncanny and much darker concepts. Combining colorful elements with the eeriest of visuals, the K-pop girl group’s music video for “Cosmic” is a perfect showcase of this. It takes inspiration from the hit folk horror flick Midsommar, seeing the quintet tastefully tiptoe the line between dreamy and haunting, with the video beautifully incorporating the iconic floral imagery as well as the cult-like elements the film is infamously known for. Enhanced by a happy-go-lucky atmosphere present all throughout, what results is a music video that is equally charming as much as it is unsettling. – Mayks Go