Somewhere in a lifestyle district in Cebu, there’s a popular coworking space where students and professionals come to study or work. However, unbeknownst to many, that very same coworking space has seen every type of performance — from hardcore metal bands to pop musicians.

Meet From Here Cebu: a co-working space located at Crossroads, Banilad that’s redefining how spaces can cultivate and nurture communities.

“We kicked off our co-working spot in November 2020, initially calling it “Coworking at Crossroads” as a temporary name. The idea for “From Here” came in February 2021,” shares Jeaun Tolsa, Marketing and Operations Head of From Here. “We went with ‘From Here’ because we didn’t want to limit our space to just regular office stuff. We’ve got a studio too, part of what we offer. The name is like an open invitation—it’s about more than just work at a desk. It’s about starting things, trying new stuff, and being creative in different ways.”

One of the ways that From Here supports the Cebuano creative scene is by partnering with production houses to stage gigs for both Cebuano and even Manila-based artists. Earlier this year, Pedicab and Megumi Acorda performed at the venue. During the recently concluded September Fever Festival, Cebu’s local indie music fest, Manila acts like The Itchyworms and LONER performed alongside some of the biggest Cebuano bands like Sansette and The Sundown.

“Music is a big deal in our creative community. We’re all about supporting different kinds of art, and personally, we’re huge music fans. We’ve got a soft spot for the amazing talent of Cebuano artists who really wow crowds with their performances,” Tolsa explains. “And it’s not just in our space – even our catering supplier, who owns a restaurant, used to run big events back in the day and owned a label called Lighter Records. Having gigs in our studio just felt right, considering the bunch of super talented artists in all kinds of music styles hanging out at From Here Coworking.”

from here coworking space cebu crossroads

From Here

Most of the gigs that happen at From Here are housed in “The Playground,” the second floor of the area. While From Here is used by people in different creative fields like photography, film, literature, and the like, Tolsa reveals that these people are often musicians as well. He cites Mandaue Nights members Karl Lucente and Gino Rosales, who also co-produced Cebu’s local indie music festival, September Fever.

Tolsa affirms that From Here will always be a space where not just creatives, but also the Cebuano audience, can come together to immerse themselves in the unique music and art scene of the city. “In a nutshell, the mix of talents in our community naturally leads to music collaboration and gigs, making a lively and cool vibe that highlights the talent we have here in Cebu.”