The annual MET Gala brings together the world’s biggest stars and the most revered designers for a night of fashion and art. Over the years, many artists have made their mark in fashion history by donning out-of-this-world looks, such as Lady Gaga’s campy four-piece gown in 2019 and Rihanna’s pope-inspired rendition of 2018’s ‘Heavenly Bodies.’

While there isn’t an event in the Philippines that is as avant-garde as the MET Gala yet, there are plenty of Filipino artists who are able to bring the right energy and distinctness if they had the chance. From Jolina Magdangal to SB19’s Justin, here is our list of Filipino artists that we want to see in some of the most iconic MET Gala outfits of all time.

BINI’s Aiah in Zendaya’s Maison Margiela Ocean Blue Couture Piece

bini aiah zendaya met gala 2024

MET Gala 2024 co-chair Zendaya channeled fantasy in her haunting yet striking ocean blue Maison Margiela couture by John Galliano with a theatrical headpiece (by Stephen Jones of Margiela). The detail in the piece was impeccable — Galliano utilized organza, lamé, and duchess satin for the corset, which was swathed with hand-painted green metallic accents. To top it all off, she wore a hand-embroidered corsage.

BINI’s Aiah’s aquatic look, reminiscent of an ocean lit by a moon at night, found the P-Pop idol in a new light, as she was dressed in an arctic blue sheer top juxtaposed with a form-fitting black lace top underneath. This ensemble proves that there are many ways that Aiah can pull off a high-fashion piece.

Denise Julia in Saweetie’s 2021 Filipino Flag-Inspired Gown

denise julia saweetie met gala

Saweetie graced the MET Gala 2021 carpet in a custom crystal-encrusted gown by Christian Cowan, which had two train panels highlighting her heritage: one blue, red, and yellow to symbolize the Philippines, and one red and blue to symbolize the Black American heritage.

If there’s anyone in the Philippines who embraces who they are through music and fashion, it would have to be Denise Julia. The singer is best known for penning alluring R&B music while also staying true to who she is — a match made in heaven for this inimitable ensemble with 10 million hand-placed crystals, diamond chain, and Cowan emblem that was all made in just 24 hours.

Nik Makino With Jared Leto’s Wildest Gucci Head-Handbag In 2019

nik makino jared leto met gala

Jared Leto’s 2019 Gucci piece designed by Alessandro Michele was a head-turner — literally. He made a viral fashion moment for his campy handbag, which was an accurate replication of his head. This out-of-the-box approach to fashion would be perfect for Nik Makino, especially as his rebrand as an artist saw him exploring new themes in his music and expressing himself through avant-garde fashion pieces. We’d definitely want to see him in something as show-stopping as this.

Kiana V in Rihanna’s 2018 Pope-Inspired Maison Margiela Dress

kiana v rihanna met gala

Rihanna and Kiana V have always channeled dark feminine energy through R&B and pop music. The same can definitely be said for their approach to fashion. Rihanna’s 2018 MET Gala look is the definition of a pop culture moment. Her interpretation of the Heavenly Bodies theme leaned heavily on the Catholic aspect. Designed by John Galliano for Maison Margiela, Rihanna donned embellished versions of the Pope’s signature mitre headpiece, white-beaded Margiela corset mini dress under a pearl and jewel-encrusted robe. Kiana V did a similar sensibility for the 2023 Opulence Ball. She wore a gold headpiece by JustBonita and an upcycled distressed gray denim dress from Rafa Worldwide’s debut collection. We can definitely see her explore more over-the-top outfits in a future high-profile event.

Jolina Magdangal in Lady Gaga’s 2019 Brandon Maxwell Pink Cape Dress

jolina magdangal lady maga met gala

Lady Gaga’s head-turning interpretation of the 2019 MET Gala’s ‘camp’ theme was all parts stunning. With her team of backup dancers and stylists, she deconstructed her billowing pink gown in four dramatic outfits, with all looks designed by her longtime collaborator, Brandon Maxwell. For her first look, she entered the red carpet in a pink cape ensemble with a 25-foot long train. Next, Maxwell himself unzipped the back to reveal a black corset with opera gloves adorning her arms. Next, she revealed her third outfit: a hot pink, form-fitting gown paired with Linda Farrow sunglasses and a Tiffany and Co. butterfly necklace. Finally, she left everything on the carpet — literally. In Lady Gaga’s provocative style, she slipped out of her third outfit to reveal her crystal-studded bra and panties, together with high-waisted fishnets and sky-high platform heels.

The Philippines’ Queen of Pop Culture Jolina Magdangal is the forebearer of campy aesthetics. Whether it’s her signature butterfly hair clips or the sheer fun of “Chuva Choo Choo,” it would be interesting to see how she can push camp fashion even further at the MET Gala.

Moira in Billie Eilish’s Reworked Sheer Simone Rocha Piece in 2023

moira dela torre billie eilish met gala

Moira’s rebrand is defined by bold, irreverent, and form-fitting ensembles, distinguishing her style at the Billboard Philippines Women in Music Awards. While her outfit is reminiscent of Billie Eilish’s 2023 MET Gala piece, both artists embrace fashion choices out of their comfort zones, unafraid to showcase femininity through a balance of fragility and strength, as translated through tulle, sheer fabrics, and edged lace.

Maris Racal in Tyla’s Unexpected Balmain Sand Dress

maris racal tyla met gala 2024

Afrobeats artist Tyla was one of the most unforgettable debuts on the Met Gala 2024 carpet. Together with Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Roustieng, she took a spin on the “Garden of Time” dress code by using the concept of the “Sands of Time.” This led to a fragile strapless sand gown expanding to an organza mermaid train made with three sand colors while carrying an actual hourglass clutch. This playful interpretation of the theme mirrors Maris Racal’s own whimsical approach to pop music and fashion, just like in her tongue-in-cheek number “Ate Sandali” (Ate, Wait). In the music video for Racal’s song, she showcased four outfits that pushed the boundaries of both music and fashion, drawing inspiration from the pre-colonial era and queer artists in the Philippines.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid in Cardi B’s 2024 Vast Black Soil Windowsen Couture

regine velasquez cardi b met gala 2024

Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez-Alcasid is no stranger to textured fabric. In the maiden issue of Billboard Philippines, she wore a Jaggy Glarino volume sleeveless top with Deliver Deliver Daily trousers, and you can immediately see how she could wear Cardi B’s all-black tulle couture gown at this year’s event. Designed by emerging Chinese fashion label Windowsen, the rapper’s ensemble was composed of nearly 3000 meters of organza, heaps of tulle, a longer-than-life train, and a matching turban-like headpiece to boot. Just as Regine Velasquez-Alcasid continually pushes the boundaries in fashion and music, an avant-garde piece would fully embody how she remains limitless throughout her illustrious career.

BINI’s Mikha in Dua Lipa’s 2024 Vampy Marc Jacobs Look

bini mikha dua lipa met gala 2024

It’s not just the matching hair color that ties these two artists together. Dua Lipa and BINI’s Mikha have always brought a certain edge to pop music, whether it’s through the haunting beat in “Training Season” or dropping fast-paced multisyllabic rhymes in “Salamin Salamin” (Mirror Mirror). Dua Lipa’s Marc Jacobs piece at 2024 MET Gala took a dark, almost “evil queen” look and is the epitome of that edginess that she’s known for. Similarly, Mikha is never afraid to go for an equally vampy outfit by Raf Galang when the time calls for it. 

Jason Dy in Bad Bunny’s 2023 All-White Jacquemus Moment

bad bunny jason dy met gala

Bad Bunny has always been one of the best dressed attendees of the event — marrying his genre bending music with fashion that stands out among the rest. His 2023 backless Jacquemus double-breasted suit was adorned with an extreme rosette train, starting from the suit’s forearms and extending towards the floor. Just as Jason Dy likes to experiment around with different beats and melodies, his penchant for unorthodox silhouettes — like his double-breasted Joseph Palma suit with oversized sleeves earlier this year — would make him a clear forerunner in a Filipino version of the MET Gala.

Nadine Lustre in FKA Twigs’ 2024 Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamonds Ensemble

nadine lustre fka twigs met gala 2024

MET Gala veteran FKA Twigs has been hailed for both her unorthodox and sustainable approaches to fashion and for experimenting with music. This year, she wore a custom outfit by Stella McCartney, completely bedazzled with lab-grown diamonds under a responsibly-made cream knit cloak. Just as FKA Twigs is unafraid to embrace her creativity through environmentally-friendly fashion and experimental music, Nadine Lustre does as well. Over the years, she has continually put her own spin on different genres, whether it’s pop, R&B, or electronic. Regardless, it’s clear that if she can express herself in any medium she wants, she’ll do it well.

Justin de Dios in Harry Styles’ 2019 Unforgettable Sheer Blouse Moment by Gucci

justin de dios sb19 harry styles met gala

Last but definitely not the least is SB19’s Justin de Dios. Justin is the quintet’s creative director, and for his solo project, he takes control of the reins to create concepts that are thoughtfully made and that play around with fantasy and emotion. In the same vein, Harry Styles’ solo project finds himself navigating his identity as an artist — expressing himself in different genres to find both his own sound and personal style. True to this, Styles had Gucci’s design team and Alessandro Michele come up with around 20 designs for his Met Gala look in 2019. Together with Harry’s stylist, Lambert, they even reviewed all the sketches, fabrics, and samples before settling on the unexpected black sheer moment which went viral that year. Beyond their similar backgrounds in boy groups, at the heart of these artists is a pursuit of creativity in all shapes and forms.