BINI and G22 have more in store as they continue to showcase their talent and artistry on the international stage.

On May 2, the two P-pop girl groups unveiled new performances from their stint on the Chinese reality survival show Show It All. Previously, the two groups debuted with their first performances on the program in late April. BINI performed their tracks “Karera” and “I Feel Good” while G22 showcased their songs “Babalik” and “Bang”. EXO’s Lay Zhang, whose entertainment company produced the show, gave nothing but praise and adoration for the two groups.

Now, they are back with even more eye-catching performances alongside a fervently cheering audience.

Continuing to enchant crowds wherever they are, BINI did a mesmerizing performance of their viral hit “Pantropiko”, complete with a fitting summery backdrop and fun bursts of bubbles.

Commanding attention whatever stage they set foot on, G22 wowed the Show It All audience with a fiery and dramatic performance of their powerful and catchy track “Boomerang”, complete with an elaborate stage design and dynamic lighting. Watch it here.


Courtesy of @G22Official.

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