“We Made It” rapper Nik Makino makes his Billboard Philippines debut with his performance of “Sobrang Solid” (Super Solid) on Soundwave.

The song, which was released on April 19, is Nik Makino’s latest collaboration with veteran producer NexxFriday. It has over 800,000 streams on Spotify and 680,000 views on the track’s official music video. “Sobrang Solid” is his second single of 2024, following his viral hit “We Made It” with veteran rapper Flow G.

Nik Makino was recently spotted at Hev Abi’s first solo concert, Morato Most Wanted, held last April 28 at the New Frontier Theater. In a Facebook post uploaded after the concert, the rapper said, “Basta pag lokal nag concert bibili agad ako ng tickets…Isa para sa lokal hip-hop! (When a local artist puts on a concert, I’m buying tickets for sure…this one’s for local hip-hop!)”

His first viral hit was “Neneng B” in 2019. However, he decided to transition away from making explicit music to making music that tackles more wholesome topics following the birth of his daughter. In an interview with Believe Music, he shared, “When you are in this kind of field, and as you get older, you will realize that you also need to be aware of the words that you put out.”

“Because for me, an artist already has the influence on the kids that listen to my songs. It’s either you destroy their minds, influencing them to drink or do drugs, or you can uplift them. This is the reason why I chose to change, and also because of my kid. I needed to change my theme and system.”

Aside from “We Made It” and “Neneng B,” the rapper is best known for his songs “KG,” “MOON,” “Lexi,” “Panalangin” (Prayer), and “SIPAG LANG” (Just Hardwork). “MOON” and “We Made It” earned spots on the Billboard Philippines Songs Chart.

Watch Nik Makino perform “Sobrang Solid” on Billboard Philippines Soundwave here.