With the Philippines being the grand tropical archipelago that it is, it’s no secret that the summer season is a favorite of many Filipinos.

Whether you’re going to stroll on the beaches of Boracay or going on road trips to La Union, there are countless ways to have fun with family, with friends, or even by yourself come every summertime. Whatever memory-making adventures you have planned, every fun summer experience can be further elevated with the ideal music for the best vibes and just the right credit card from Security Bank to back you up and keep you secure as you catch some waves this year.

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Grab your Security Bank Wave Mastercard and get the summer mood going with songs curated by Billboard Philippines to help you embrace the waves!

“First of Summer” – Urbandub

“Parked car, this night sky makes city lights shine like diamonds. Our song plays on the radio.”

What better way to ring in the hot summer months than with this aptly titled hit from rock veterans Urbandub.

Perfectly encapsulating the feeling of wishing that some nights would never end, “First of Summer” is for those going on their long-awaited adventures this season. From its iconic guitar and bass intro, this track is sure to get you into the perfect mood as you dive right into the year’s hottest months.

“White Toyota” – Sunkissed Lola

“You have been running in my mind lately. Let’s just go on a road trip.”

Sometimes, you just get burnt out and need an escape. Sometimes, you just want to go on a road trip, get lost in a new city or province, and make a memory or two.

If that’s you, add the perfect road trip song in the form of Sunkissed Lola‘s “White Toyota” to your playlists. Go grab your friends, leave your worries for another day, and head on your much-needed relaxing cross-country adventure this summer.

“Sunburn” – Sansette

“Summertime bring me the heat of a summer fling.”

Close your eyes. Now, imagine your perfect way of spending the summertime.

Could it be long walks on the beach? A much-needed dive into the cool ocean waters? Or perhaps, finding summer love?

If so, then Sansette‘s track “Sunburn” is absolutely for you. Despite its name, this track doesn’t sting one bit. Instead, like a perfect day at the beach, it envelops you in cool winds and refreshing waters with its chill and laidback atmosphere; all the while painting the ultimate picture of that one ideal summer you’ve been chasing for a while now. So what are you waiting for? Put on that sunscreen, head to the beach, and you might just find what you’ve been looking for.

“Aurora Sunrise” – FRANCO

“I wanted to see sunrise. I wanted to feel sunlight. I waited to be with the ocean waves again, again!”

There’s something about the summertime that just has many of us giddy with anticipation to get out, run to the beach, and bask in the glory of the ocean.

Rock band Franco could not possibly agree more. “Aurora Sunrise” transports you to a paradise island, far away from all your problems as Franco take their signature, sweet cocktail-like mixture of reggae and hard rock to make you feel like you’re riding the waves and having the best summer of your life yet.

“Summer Nights” – ALYSON

“Summer nights – mga alaalang di na mababawi. Summer nights – mga gabing ika’y nakatabi”

For some, summer can be a time of nostalgia and reminiscing.

City pop-Manila sound fusion group ALYSON‘s “Summer Nights” is the perfect, bittersweet track for such an occasion. With its smooth instrumentals, including a prominent brass section, coupled with wistful-sounding vocals dotting its entirety, this track is sure to take you down memory lane as you go on a walk down a moonlit beach.

“san juan” – bird.

“Sabay sa alon, ako’y susulong. Walang aahon, walang aahon.”

If there was a band that perfectly embodies the feeling of a serene summer at the beach, it would definitely be dream pop outfit bird..

“San Juan” literally makes you feel like you’re floating on waves. Just hearing that bright guitar tone alone could make you want to pack your bags, call your friends, grab your pets (ideally, birds), and spontaneously head for La Union right this minute.

“Pantropiko” – BINI

“Feels like summer when I’m with you, parang islang pantropiko.”

All about catching good vibes, orange sunsets, or maybe even feelings this summer? Then BINI‘s “Pantropiko” is most definitely the song for you.

Taking you on one unforgettable tropical escapade, “Pantropiko” is the ultimate soundtrack to your summer (and romantic) exploits as you head to the beach, take in the cool ocean breeze, and get lost in the blissful atmosphere of falling in love when you least expect it.

Now that you have the perfect summer playlist, grab your Wave Mastercard from Security Bank and let the adventures begin! 

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