Veteran Cebuano rock band Franco have made a fiery comeback with their newest single titled “THE FOOL.”

“THE FOOL” marries hard rock, reggae, and power pop to create a head-banging track where Franco Reyes sings about a lovers’ quarrel. In a press statement, the frontman shared, “It all simply started after an argument with the other half…The song just came to me naturally, after that argument.”

Together with guitarist Paul “Poldo” Cañada, bassist Dave Delfin and drummer Victor Guison, Reyes went on to talk about how it felt to be back in the studio after the band took a hiatus from making music. “There was a bit of a break from writing and recording due to the pandemic, but in the past year and a half, we were touring furiously in and out of the country as well… so we were busy trying to get the ol’ muscle memory going as far as playing live shows.”

“We also had personal time for ourselves, to explore other things outside of the band which pretty much kept us sane during the pandemic – and it proved to be a good balance for all of us before we were able to start things up again.”

The band also revealed that a tour is in the works, although no details have yet to be released. However, Reyes assures that long-time listeners can expect many things to happen in the new year. “Hopefully, we’ll soon release a new music video for ‘The Fool,’ and release more songs this year… we’ve got two more songs in the can, so we’re definitely just as excited as everyone is.”

Franco are best known for their hits “Better Days,” “Castaway,” “Song For The Suspect,” and more. Their last album, Flight, was released in 2018.

Listen to Franco’s comeback single, “THE FOOL,” below.