In a dazzling showcase, Security Bank took center stage to introduce its latest credit card marvel: the Security Bank Wave Mastercard. With its special feature of offering a 1% cashback on all online transactions, making it a handy partner for anyone’s Spotify or YouTube subscriptions.

The exclusive event, graced by brand ambassadors Solenn Heussaff and Erwan Heussaff, not only illuminated the card’s unique features but also emphasized its departure from the ordinary realm of credit cards, transcending into a realm of financial prowess and environmental consciousness.


Photographed by Girlie Cuda

True to its name, the Security Bank Wave Mastercard bids farewell to annual fees, restrictive interest rates, and unsustainable materials, setting a new standard for credit card excellence. Sanjiv Vohra, President and CEO of Security Bank, expressed the bank’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, stating, “At Security Bank, we’re always looking for innovative ways to deliver on our BetterBanking promise, providing the best banking and customer service experiences.”

In comparison to many of its competitors, the Wave Mastercard distinguishes itself by offering a remarkably low interest rate of 2.5%, a rarity among credit cards in the Philippines. Additionally, customers are rewarded with a 1% cashback on all online purchases, including indulgences in shopping, dining, and travel.

Security bank philippines wave mastercard

Photographed by Girlie Cuda

Talking about its importance to music aficionados, Christian Quiros, Vice President and Head of Unsecured Lending, stated how the card could be used for a multitude of purposes. “In the field of music, it could be very useful to those who subscribe to online services, just like music streaming platforms”, he shared. Quiros even mentions just like how many individuals fly out of the country to see artists like Taylor Swift and Coldplay perform, this card offers concertgoers and music enthusiasts the convenience of worrying less concerning spending.

This credit card is more than a financial tool; it’s a lifestyle companion tailored for today’s discerning, budget-conscious, and eco-friendly consumers. Even to those highly interested in music, the card serves a whole lot of benefits –– as exemplified by the seasonal campaigns that the product could provide. “For example, if there’s an upcoming music festival, we can make sure to curate our campaigns with what we can offer our clients”, Quiros mentions. The dynamic wave design of the card not only enhances the visual appeal of the product, but it also aligns with the growing demand for eco-conscious commerce –– making it a symbol of sustainable sophistication.

Christian Quiros Security Bank

Christian Quiros photographed by Girlie Cuda

Rahul Rasal, EVP and Retail Banking Segment Head, highlighted a groundbreaking aspect, stating, “One of the most unique aspects of the Security Bank Wave Mastercard is that it’s our first credit card made of 100% recycled PVC, as certified by the ICMA Ecolabel Standard.” This commitment to sustainability transforms the Wave Mastercard into a conscious choice for those who seek more than just a no-annual-fee credit card.

“We hope that this encourages people from all different generations and industries to become more financially responsible. With this card, it navigates the delicate balance of being both environmentally conscious and financially conscious, so we hope this can resonate with all sorts of audiences”, Quiros concludes.

Security bank graffiti wave mastercard

Photographed by Girlie Cuda