Pop-alternative band Cup of Joe has released the music video for its song “Tingin” (Look) featuring Janine Teñoso.

The project’s director and cinematographer was Jay-Ar Villarojas, who also directed the music video of Felip’s (Ken of SB19) “STRAYDOGS.”

“Tingin” previously had a lyric video released on May 2 that supported the song’s upbeat romantic themes.

Its official music video, however, now explores three perspectives: the points of view of Teñoso as well as Cup of Joe vocalists Gian Bernardino and Raphaell B. Ridao.

The three are seen experiencing their respective struggles before each dropping everything to convene in a climactic rooftop session, followed by a stage performance.

The music video was well-received on social media for exploring themes like self-love and professional dreams.

“Solid kayo, [Cup of Joe] 4ever. I super love this song so much!” Teñoso posted on social media following the music video’s release.

“Tingin” was released as a single on April 28 then as the opening track of Cup of Joe’s first EP, Patutunguhan (Destination), which came out on June 30.

Both Cup of Joe and Teñoso are signed under Viva Records.

Listen to “Tingin” below: