Former IV of Spades frontman Unique Salonga has released the music video for “Panahon” (Time) off his latest album, Daisy.

The music video, directed by Salonga and Kris Cazin, explores the artist in the middle of a forest, as a couple played by Norman McLeod and Lumi Gamboa embrace each other.

Salonga released Daisy last September 29 with no prior announcement. It is the highly anticipated follow up to his 2020 sophomore album, PANGALAN:. After PANGALAN:‘s release, Salonga disappeared from social media and did not release any new music until 2023.

Salonga is most known for being part of the award-winning band IV of Spades, alongside Zild Benitez, Blaster Silonga, and Badjao De Castro. Since his departure from the band, he has gone on to release three albums under his solo project as well as recognitions from various award-giving bodies.

Listen to Daisy below: