Sepia Times’ Elisha Ang has made her solo debut as IIICCCYYY with “Habit.”

The song premiered on all streaming platforms on April 1. In a press statement, the artist described her music as a “new facet to the burgeoning P-pop wave in the country” with elements of her influences SOPHIE, Charli XCX, and Hatsune Miku. “‘Habit’ perfectly encapsulates how it feels to want someone so bad, you want to make them your habit.”

“It was my first time writing this type of love song. I just wanted to freely and candidly express how I personally feel and show love for someone. My love gets a bit unrestrained at times, but it’s real and it’s true,” IIICCCYYY continues.

In an Instagram post celebrating the release of the single, IIICCCYYY wrote, “We’re just getting started. Thank you to everyone who worked on this lil project with me and to everyone who’s already showing it some love.”

Ang is best known for her work as the lead vocalist of esteemed Cebuano alt-pop band, Sepia Times, where she is joined by The Sundown’s Luigi Balazo. In the past, they have performed with LANY, Juan Karlos, and more.

Listen to IIICCCYYY’s “Habit” below.