Coming back for more, Knocked Loose are wasting no time as they have just put out another hard-hitting single.

Today (April 23), the American modern hardcore punk icons released their latest single entitled “Suffocate”. The track, which talks of cutting loose from people who “suffocated” us, is undoubtedly a highly anticipated one ever since the band revealed the complete track-listing of the upcoming album. This is because of who Knocked Loose decided to team up with: Poppy.

Known for being an experimental pop artist that dabbles in industrial rock, metal, and everything in between, Poppy lends her screaming to this new track from the hardcore heavyweights, elevating the track further by complementing its already enraged atmosphere. This isn’t her first time collaborating with a heavy music band as Poppy also recently teamed up with viral experimental rock/metal group Bad Omens, taking on the role of lead vocals for their single “V.A.N”.

Prior to “Suffocate”, Knocked Loose released the singles “Blinding Faith” last February as well as “Don’t Reach For Me” earlier this month on April 4. Both songs, along with “Suffocate”, are part of the bands forthcoming, long-awaited third studio album You Won’t Go Before You’re Supposed To, due for release this coming May 10.

Poppy is known for being the first solo female act to be nominated for the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 2021 – an honor she attained thanks to her song “BLOODMONEY”. Most recently. she put out her fifth album Zig, released last October 27, 2023, which features the hit tracks “Church Outfit”, “Motorbike”, “Knockoff”, and more.

Listen to “Suffocate” by Knocked Loose featuring Poppy below: