Emerging from the competitive SBS audition program ‘Universe Ticket,’ the highly-anticipated girl group UNIS is making their way to the Philippines for their first-ever Fansign Tour.

The group is set to visit the Philippines as part of their “U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour”, which is scheduled to occur this May 4, 5, & 6 in Cebu and Manila. UNIS will begin their tour in Cebu on the fourth of May, while there will be two days for their Fan Signing event in Manila. More details are set to be announced very soon, so stay tuned at this space for any future updates.

Elisia Parmisano UNIS

Elisia, Courtesy of F&F Entertainment

UNIS will be making their official debut into the dynamic world of K-Pop this March 27. Spearheaded by the management of F&F Entertainment, this octet of talented performers includes Jin Hyeon-Ju, Gehlee Dangca, Nana, Oh Yoona, Kotoko, Bang Yunha, Elisia Parmisano, and Lim Seowon – each earning their coveted spots through the rigorous selection process of ‘Universe Ticket.’

Boasting a diverse international roster, UNIS is primed to showcase its musical prowess on a global scale, affirming expectations of an active and impactful presence in the worldwide entertainment arena post-debut. Three of UNIS’s members are Filipino, with Dangca, Parmesano, and Jin proud of their roots. Both Danca and Parmesano are homegrown talents, having grown up in the Philippines (with Dangca hailing from the city of Pasig respectively).

Gehlee Dangca UNIS

Gehlee, Courtesy of F&F Entertainment

Together, all three of them follow the success of Sophia Laforteza, who rightfully earned a spot in HYBE and Geffen Records’ upcoming girl group KATSEYE. The incorporation of having gifted Filipinas in the group serves to reinforce the robust representation of Filipino talents within the K-pop domain, foreshadowing a promising future that acknowledges the untapped potential deserving of recognition among various local Filipino acts.

More details regarding “U&iS Fansign Philippine Tour” are set to be announced soon, so stay tuned at this space for any future updates.

Jin Hyeon-Ju UNIS

Hyeon-Ju, Courtesy of F&F Entertainment