Filipino talent gets recognized on the global stage once again, with two more Filipina teenagers securing spots in the finale of Universe Ticket ––solidifying their place in F&F Entertainment’s upcoming girl group ‘UNIS‘.

Gehlee Dangca, 16, and Jin Hyeon-ju, 22, join fellow Pinay Elisia Parmesano, 14, as part of the eight-piece musical act. Dangca respectively earned a total of 2,464,526 votes and was announced as the fourth member of the group, while the Filipina-Korean Jin earned 496,797 votes and was the last member announced.

Both contestants attained the highest ranking level of the competition which is the P-level, alongside the other five competitors who made the final cut. The other contestants that secured a spot in UNIS include Japanese members Nana and Kotoko, as well as Koreans Bang Yun-ha, Oh Yoona, and Lim Seowon.

F&F Entertainment UNIS Universe Ticket K-pop

The final lineup of F&F Entertainment’s UNIS. Courtesy of @_universeticket

The competition of Universe Ticket included a very diverse range of contestants from all across the globe, including contestants from South Korea, Japan, China, Philippines, Malaysia, Mongolia, Canada, Italy, Australia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Vietnam. Aside from the rich cultures of its contestants, the show also featured an impressive panel of coaches –– including K-pop solo artists Adora and Younha, singer-actress Kim Se-jeong, Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon and Lachica’s Rian, and celebrity mentors such as ITZY’s Yeji and Chaeryeong.

Together with Parmesano, both Dangca and Jin follow the success of Sophia Laforteza, who rightfully earned a spot in HYBE and Geffen Records’ upcoming girl group KATSEYE. The inclusion of more talented Filipinas in the group further solidifies the strong presence of Filipino talents in the K-pop scene and poses a bright future in recognizing the potential that many local Filipino acts deserve to have.

As F&F Entertainment has yet to announce its debut date, anticipation will surely build up among fans eager to witness the UNIS’ debut performance in the near future.