JM of YGIG has departed from the P-pop group due to a shoulder injury.

On the evening of March 4, entertainment company SBTown announced the departure of YGIG member JM via a statement on their X (formerly Twitter) account. In the statement, the company stated that this difficult decision was reached after a shoulder impingement injury had rendered JM quite unfit to do activities required of being a member of a group like YGIG such as dancing. SBTown further elaborated that prior to this move ultimately being chosen by JM herself, she had discussed her situation with her co-members who empathized with her and who continue to hold out hope of the possibility of her return to the group in better health.

This announcement comes after the 23-year old rapper and singer had been absent during many of the group’s activities and content as early as around November 2023. This excludes a few promotional material on their Youtube channel and social media accounts as well as the release of their Christmas track “Maligaya Ang Pasko” (Christmas Is Merry) which they performed with fellow SBTown P-pop group PLUUS.

In the departure statement, SBTown thanked the WeGo, the group’s fans, for the love and support they have continuously shown YGIG, especially JM, whom they wished for a speedy recovery; promising that the company will be there for her until and after she gets better.

The company also apologized for the delay on releasing a statement regarding JM’s status within the group, stating that they had been waiting for her recovery before doing so. They also further elaborated that they had been focusing more on the health and well-being of their artists, which is why they have come to support JM’s difficult choice to leave the group; assuring fans that they are handling this situation with great care for the members and promising to take even better care of their artists from now on.

YGIG (You Go I Go) debuted last November 2022 with 7 members consisting of Hazelyn, JM, Jewel, Vien, Maeg, Alexei, and Darlene with the track “Shaba Shaba”. Prior to JM’s departure, member Darlene departed from the group in early 2023 after a hiatus due to health concerns but would later re-debut under SBTown as a soloist on February 9, 2024 with the song “DayDream”. The group is also known for their tracks such a “Touchdown”, “IDKY”, and “BB”. These 3 tracks are part of their first comeback and first mini-album YLGOIVGE (pronounced y-love-g) for which the group also held their first ever solo concert last August 2023, entitled “Green Light: Going All The Way” at SM North EDSA Skydome in Quezon City.

Read SBTown’s full statement on JM’s departure below.

Hello, this is SBTown.

Firstly, we express our appreciation to everyone who has shown concern to our
artist, YGIG JM. We see all your comments, and it has been a source of strength for
her and the company.

But due to her injury called Shoulder Impingement, she is not fully able to do
physical activities such as dancing, which is a big part of her as an artist and
performer. With this difficult situation, YGIG JM has decided to depart from the
group, as she doesn’t want to be a burden to her fellow members. The group and JM
had a talk between themselves and understood her situation as well, despite their
eagerness to stay together. The members hope for her to return in good condition.

We express our sincere apologies to everyone who has been worried about this

We would also like to apologize for the delay of this official statement as we waited
for JM’s recovery. SBTown has been prioritizing our artists’ health and opinions,
hence, upon discussion with the artist, we are respecting and honoring her difficult
decision. Moving forward, SBTown will give extra effort to take care of our artists.

To JM, we sincerely wish you a fast recovery. Your SBTown family will continue to
support you until and after you fully recover.

To WeGo, we thank you for the continued love and support you give to the girls
wherever they go. We hope that you continue to look forward to JM and YGIG’s
future activities.

Rest assured that we are taking this situation with care for JM, Hazelyn, Vien, Jewel,
Alexei, Maeg, and their fans. SBTown promises to still hold to our values of
prioritizing our artists’ health and well-being.

Thank you.

Listen to YGIG’s YLGOIVGE below.