Chart-topping artists Janine Berdin and Arthur Nery have just released their collaboration single “Mikasa“.

Berdin, who is an avid fan of the world of manga and anime, took inspiration from the highly popular anime series “Attack On Titan” for her latest single. Joining the “Sitwasyonship” hitmaker is Nery, who aside from sharing the same birthday as Berdin, also shares her passion for anime.

In an official press release, Berdin explained how the track came to her, stating; “‘Mikasa’ is a track I initially wrote myself, and as I worked on it with my bandmates – Kirk Basilio, Luke Casanova, and TJ Castillon – I couldn’t help but envision Arthur Nery on the track.” Explaining further, she mentioned how the collaboration came to be –– mentioning; “This is my first time reaching out for a collaboration, and I knew Arthur would be the perfect fit, being a fellow anime enthusiast. His support and contribution to the song have been nothing short of incredible, and we are honored to have him on board.”

As an avid fan of Attack On Titan, Berdin shared how the track was heavily inspired by the experiences and point of view of the beloved character Mikasa Ackerman on the show. “It explores the theme of an unhealthy, one-sided love rooted in irrational desire, leading the lover to do anything, regardless of how unreasonable,” she explains. Berdin further elaborated on what makes the track quite special, stating, “It’s like a movie in a song. You can really feel the journey of pain and longing from the music to its dynamics. My personal favorite is the hauntingly desperate echoes in the bridge that go ‘I want, I need you’ on loop, complemented by a soul-stirring guitar solo by my bandmate TJ.”

Mikasa was released on January 28, 2024 (Sunday) via Viva Records, coinciding with the shared birthdate of both Berdin and Nery.

Listen to Janine Berdin and Arthur Nery’s Mikasa below: