Chartbreaker Janine Berdin opened up about her journey to becoming an independent artist in this week’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes.

Berdin was previously signed as an artist under ABS-CBN Entertainment, under which she released songs like “bagay nga tayo pero” (We’re Compatible But…) and her EP, Wtf I Actually Wrote These Songs. She premiered “Sitwasyonship” last September, her first single as a fully independent artist.

“I really wanted to put it out as my first independent single, because I wanted to present who I really am,” she reveals. “This song is very honest. It’s very vulnerable.”

She actually wrote the song in 2022, she says, without any plans of it being the single that would launch her independent career. “I was afraid to show who I really was…I was kept,” she says, describes her pre-independent life as an artist.

Berdin goes on to say that the song serves as her re-introduction to the music industry, not just her as an independent artist, but as someone who wants to be vulnerable and more candid with the stories she tells through her songs. She also reveals that she wants to explore rock music even more, especially with her new band.

“I’m at this point in my life…I’m still figuring myself out, and I’m lucky I get to do that through music,” Berdin says.

Another revelation Berdin says in the episode is that she is gearing up to release an album with her new sound. She goes on to share that the record will revolve around the up and downs of falling in love, with Berdin baring her heart out in the album. In the spirit of becoming an independent artist, she and her band have been recording the record at their bassist’s home studio.

At her core, the singer-songwriter is pushing herself to get out there and not just make music for herself, but for other people to relate with.

Catch the full episode with Janine Berdin on Billboard Philippines Volumes below.

Creative direction by Kenneth Dimaano. Sittings editor Bret Jackson. Photographed by Lyndon Kyle assisted by Aniken Dela Cruz. Shoot coordination by Mikaela Cruz. Shot on December 2023 at the studio of Billboard Philippines in Pasig City, Philippines.