The Ely Buendia- and Pat Sarabia-led record label Offshore Music released their nine-track compilation titled An Offshore Christmas, a collection of Christmas-themed songs from artists on their roster.

“The album is a kaleidoscope of emotions, from melancholy to euphoria, as well as a feast for anyone who enjoys all kinds of music,” shares Buendia in a press statement.

An Offshore Christmas features previously released songs from Pinkmen, Suspiria Pink, Elton Clark, Sansette, Eliza Marie, JR Oca Experience, and Sulo. Two additional tracks by Ena Mori and Mt. Lewis are new releases from the two artists.

Ena Mori’s track is a “cozier” version of “Christmas Song,” which was released last year. Offshore Music described the track as, “For those who like to spend the happy nights at home with their cats.”

The release is the latest in their Christmas-themed activities. Over the past few weeks, the label held two Christmas-themed shows, which included a Cebu leg featuring Sansette, Mandaue Nights, Sepia Times, Elton Clark, Sulo, and Shades of Native. A Manila show was held on December 1 with Ena Mori, Pinkmen, Mt. Lewis, Suspiria Pink, and JR Oca Experience.

Elton Clark and Mt. Lewis are part of Offshore Music’s newest set of artists, who were signed last October 12. Earlier this year, Offshore Music signed a partnership with Sony Music Philippines. In an Instagram post by Buendia on the partnership, he wrote, “Offshore set out to be the label that we’ve always envisioned for our creative selves: a haven for new ideas, and an atmosphere that cultivates the love of music and dreaming unfettered dreams. Now with Sony Music Philippines at our side, this vision can finally be a reality for us and our artists.”

Listen to Offshore Music’s An Offshore Christmas featuring Ena Mori, Pinkmen, Sansette, Suspiria Pink, Elton Clark, Sulo, Mt. Lewis, Eliza Marie, and JR Oca Experience below.