Offshore Music turns the page on another groundbreaking chapter in the label’s momentous journey by announcing its latest wave of OPM artists –– with 10 fresh-faced acts newly signed to the label.

In a special event hosted at The Astbury in Makati last October 12, Offshore Music proudly introduced a diverse collective of gifted soloists, soulful singer-songwriters, and college rock bands who are poised to make their mark in the music industry. At the beginning of the program, Buendia gave a brief but sentimental introduction regarding how proud he is of these artists.

“I started Offshore Music when I wanted to own my music, which in hindsight was counterintuitive. Because the moment you write your music, or even play it to yourself, it’s no longer yours but the world’s. In that sense, I applaud the new artists that we’ve signed, who are so passionate and willing to take that risk of sharing what they have worked hard for –– whether it’s their songs and their music –– and sharing it with the public and compromising their vision, because the only way music is going to work is through collaboration,” Buendia shares.

Courtesy of @offshoremusicph

Since 2016, Offshore Music, led by OPM legend Ely Buendia, has been highly regarded for its unwavering commitment to artistic innovation and creative authenticity for its artists. But in the present day, the Manila-based independent label has unveiled its promising lineup of emerging talents who are set to define the sonic landscape of the OPM scene in the future.

Under Offshore Music’s guidance together with support from Sony Music Philippines and The New Hue, these artists were given the spotlight as they introduced themselves one by one to members of the press. As each of them stepped in front of the microphone, it set the stage for an exciting display of musical variety.

Each of the newly signed artists encompasses a spectrum of musical styles and sensibilities –– which also translates to how they presented themselves to the crowd. They include five-piece city pop collective ALYSON; Baguio-bred indie rock insurgents Amateurish; alt-rock luminaries Her Name Is Noelle and Ligaya Escueta; the introspective bedroom pop soloist neytan; alt R&B adventurists JDRX and CRISHA; the genre-bending funk/pop/groove band Mt. Lewis; folk-infused indie virtuoso Bree; and the psychedelic pop troubadour Elton Clark.

The label’s CEO further states, “I really don’t know what to expect, and that’s what’s great about it. By choosing Offshore Music, these artists have proven that they value artistic growth over anything else.” Buendia also emphasized the label’s guiding force since day one –– “Artists for Artists,” which serves as a commitment to nurturing creative growth that has consistently defined Offshore Music since its inception.

Mt. Lewis signing with Offshore Music

Mt. Lewis: Courtesy of @mtlewis_

Buendia emphasized the label’s mission, noting how it has championed a new generation of talented, forward-thinking musicians who consistently redefine musical boundaries on their terms. “The team’s real-world experiences are invaluable to the artists’ careers, making their growth, authenticity, and creativity the number one priority,” asserted the Filipino rock legend.” With such a storied history that includes nurturing talents like Apartel, ena mori, Pinkmen, Sulo, Sansette, and Eliza Marie, Offshore Music remains an instrumental cornerstone within the Philippine indie music landscape.

Kicking off the wave of releases from this dynamic roster is Elton Clark, whose debut single “Wait Lang” (Wait First) stands as a poignant testament to the complexities of urban life. The song encourages listeners to embrace moments of respite amidst the hustle and bustle of city living. Reflecting on his debut, Clark shares, “I wanted ‘Wait Lang’ to be a reminder to my listeners that no matter how hectic life gets, it’s crucial to take a moment to breathe. This song is about acknowledging the challenges we face and understanding that it’s okay to pause and recharge.”