6cyclemind has just released their latest single, “Nandiyan Pa Ba?” –– which features an impressive collaboration with acclaimed artists such as rapper Gloc-9, Bayang Barrios, and Josh Villena of Autotelic.

This star-studded ensemble delivers a poignant track with a profound message, one that serves as a heartfelt call to action that urges listeners to reflect on the impact humanity has had on our planet. It challenges us to restore the Earth to its former glory – a realm of beauty, purity, and vibrant life, resonating with the “huni ng ibon sa labas ng hawla, agos ng ilog, sipol ng hangin” (sounds of birds outside the cage, the flow of rivers, and the whispers of the wind) as their lyrics mentioned.

6cyclemind deliberately incorporates the voices of their children in key segments of the song, underscoring the intended audience of the track –– which is the future generation. The lyrics express hope for a brighter world for our children, emphasizing the importance of environmental stewardship. Gloc-9, recognized for his impactful rap verses, shares nostalgic tales of simple and joyous childhood experiences. His lyrical prowess encourages listeners to draw inspiration from these memories and work towards reclaiming a positive future for humanity. As they intended, the underlying message is clear – it’s never too late, and change is possible.

The recently-released track follows the release of 6Cyclemind’s 2022 album Araw, Buwan, Taon, Dekada, which showcased reimagined classical guitar-only renditions to some of the band’s biggest hit singles such as “Biglaan“, “Sandalan“, “Kasalanan“, “Sige” and a whole lot more. Produced by Josh Villena, Ryan Sarmiento, and Darwin Hernandez, “Nandiyan Pa Ba?” is released under Soupstar Music and distributed by Sony Music Philippines.

Listen to 6Cyclemind’s “Nandiyan Pa Ba?” below: