We’re still not quite over Fête De La Musique 2024.

From the Main Stage that had us singing with Autotelic and Dilaw to the Pocket Stages that took us to varied corners of Makati, this year’s Fête PH was one to remember. Beyond the community of music fans you’re reconnecting with or greeting for the first time as you embark on your musical pilgrimage at the festival, the charm of Fete is getting watch artists you would have never would have stumbled upon otherwise.

So, to commemorate another incredible year of Fête De La Musique, the Billboard Philippines team is looking back on all the artists we got to discover last weekend.


Photographed by Patrick Cruz

On their Facebook page, dizzyonswings describe themselves as “dreamy, ambient, fuzzy, and dissonant.” The Bacolod-based quintet’s music blends the gloomy melodies of The Cure and New Order with the guitar soundscapes of Slowdive and Sonic Youth, placing it somewhere between indie rock and shoegaze.

A chance meeting with Ahmad Tanji of We Are Imaginary, whose band played at a mutual friend’s wedding in Bacolod, eventually led to dizzyonswings performing at the Indie Stage this year. Guitarist and vocalist Jass Borbajo describes the experience as “surreal,” as he and his bandmates used to fly to Manila for past Fêtes to stage-hop. “It’s hard to believe that we now get to play at the Indie Stage with an incredible lineup,” says Borbajo.

“We were surprised at how receptive the crowd [was],” he adds. “We appreciate the community, and we hope to emulate the energy and the love we received back to our own community [in Bacolod].” – Jason Caballa

North Sentinel

Photographed by Mayks Go

When a band starts off their set with three vocalists screaming their heads off, you know you’re about to be in for a good time. 

Blending together a mix of midwest emo instrumentals, classic raspy screams, and just the right amount of young-blooded rage, North Sentinel were a delightfully violent surprise from the Emo Stage. This frenzied screamo act were responsible for some of the night’s first mosh pits, crowd surfers, mic grabs, and lost shoes, getting the SaGuijo crowd effortlessly moving along and reciprocating their chaotic energy. 

Ultimately, their set became a cathartic experience – one that everyone in attendance clearly didn’t want to ever end. – Mayks Go



Photographed by Marco Robin Alecha

Indie dream pop is the rage at the moment, especially with the growing appreciation for musical acts like Megumi Acorda. Yet Hazylazy has developed a reputation for their dreamy and atmospheric music that blends various genres and influences, characterized by lush layers of instrumentation. 

The group’s ability to combine the best elements of indie rock, dream pop, and shoegaze into one cohesive and unique sonic landscape resulted in an outstanding performance at last week’s Indie Stage that is sure to earn them more recognition and a dedicated following within the local music scene. – Gabriel Saulog


Photographed by Red Rivera

City pop is a rare gem in the Filipino music scene, but once you hear it, you’ll wish there was more of it. The genre, which originated in Japan during its bubble era, feels like a late night road trip where you watch city lights pass by. It feels nostalgic, yet grounded in the modern day; exciting, yet sentimental.

ALYSON captures this sound remarkably, filling the Party Stage at The Mansion with their funky brass lines and groovy rhythms. The band truly shines bright with their frontman Pio Ligot’s charismatic spiels and innate ability to command a room. If there’s a rising local band that’s guaranteed to give you a fun performance, it’s ALYSON. – Franchesca Judine Basbas


Photographed by Patrick Cruz

Another Bacolod act that Tanji crossed paths with at that same wedding was &ND (pronounced ‘and’), whose sound is “a mix of indie rock with dream pop/shoegaze influence,” as described by singer and guitarist Bea Dolloso. Months after meeting with Tanji, he reached out to them and invited them to play at the Indie Stage at this year’s Fête.

As the band’s members were still in college, they did everything from reaching out for sponsorships to selling tote bags and shirts in order to raise funds for their trip to Manila. All the effort had been worth it, as Dolloso now regards it as “an exhilarating experience” for “a small indie rock band from Bacolod.”

“The response to our performance exceeded our expectations,” the singer shares. “We felt truly welcomed and celebrated by the Manila music scene! Plus it was a bonus meeting such awesome bands, and getting to know them personally. It was truly a lovely experience, and the fact that it was our first time playing outside Bacolod — we loved every moment.” – Jason Caballa


Photographed by Tamia Reodica

FIERCEANGEL, also known as Aaliyah, brought the house down at Annex House last Friday with an eclectic mix of pop, disco, house, and funk tunes interwoven into her DJ mixes. While some of you might recognize her from her sets in Apotheka or Ugly Duck in Poblacion, what took place at the Extra Funky Stage was sure to demonstrate her talents even further to a broader audience, especially with her fantastic remix to Charli XCX’s “365.” If ever she has another set in the area, there’s no doubt that you’re going to need to catch it live and in person. – Gabriel Saulog


Photographed by Mayks Go

It can be a daunting task to open a packed show, but last Friday at the Emo Stage, Amateurish proved that they were more than capable of getting the party started.

The math rock-influenced indie quintet from Baguio brought their A-game to SaGuijo, beautifully kicking off the long night of emo-infused musical shenanigans. Performing noteworthy tracks like “Orange,” “Indigo,” and “a gentle reminder to rest,” I couldn’t help but admire how tight these five musicians played, pleasantly surprising me as well with how they seamlessly incorporate heavier elements into their songs every now and then, akin to the music of Australian instrumental rock/djent icon Plini.

It’s always a treat getting to experience math rock acts in person and Amateurish were no different, as their intricate rhythms and melodies effortlessly drew in everyone in attendance. Many shouted along to every lyric, while some even sang in unison to each dreamy guitar note or simply air guitar-ed their hearts out. – Mayks Go

Lucas Pison

lucas pison marco javier underdog music

Photographed by Marco Javier

Lucas Pison’s confessional songwriting style tells stories that easily remind us of the good old carefree days of our youth. His soft vocals, paired with the sense of ease and reassurance his presence conveys, transport us to the serene world he’s conjured with his tracks — which is exactly what occurred last Friday on the Big House Stage. His performance of his debut single “Oh Captain, My Captain (Teach Me Love)” took the crowd at Babaganoosh Manila by storm, and stands as further proof of his reputation as an artist to watch out for. — Gabriel Saulog