Baguio-based producer Shadiel Chan is this week’s newest guest on Billboard Philippines Volumes.

The award-winning producer is behind some of the biggest hits in today’s music scene, such as Dilaw’s chart-topping and award-winning “Uhaw,” SunKissed Lola’s “Pasilyo,” Arthur Miguel’s “Lihim,” Cup of Joe’s “Estranghero,” and more. In the episode, hosted by Billboard Philippines Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson, he tells the story of how he became a producer.

Shadiel Chan

“I could say that I [started calling myself] a producer probably when I could make music that sounded kind of good, so around 2015, 2014, four years after I started,” he reveals in the episode. He also goes on to tell what happens behind the scenes when he’s producing a song.

“When you work with me, usually I work with a team. Sometimes, I have instrumentalists coming in; sometimes, I have session drummers, session guitarists and all that. We all come together to make the song [and] arrange it with the artist…and usually, I’m the one who ends up tracking — helping with the arrangements, the mixing.”

When Chan worked on “Pasilyo,” he explained that the song was fully formed by the time that SunKissed Lola and him worked together. Chan took on the job of mixing it together, with stems that they already sent over. “I’ve been working with SunKissed Lola before they were even SunKissed Lola…they were ‘Doctor Pocket’ — a different band — so it’s just really great and really amazing how they started working with me since the start.”

Listen to Shadiel Chan on this episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes below.