Billboard Philippines’ Discover artist Ena Mori sits down with Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson and Editor-at-Large Francis Reyes in the first episode of the Billboard Philippines’ podcast, Volumes.

The episode, titled Ena Mori: Inspiration versus Imitation, tackles how she is constantly finding her sound. She dives deep into navigating the fine line between inspiration and imitation as well as experimenting with various mediums to discover her creative voice. Reyes, Jackson, and Ena Mori end the episode by imparting advice to artists on how to stay authentic to themselves through their music.

“Volumes is a new podcast that aims to create a great listening experience for music lovers. The podcast will feature in-depth interviews with some of the biggest names in music, as well as lesser-known artists who are making waves in the industry. It’s a place for artists to literally and figuratively turn up the volume on their story,” podcast producer Anton Molina says as he introduces what the show will be about.

Season 1 of the podcast features Filipino musicians sharing the life lessons they’ve learned over the years. Episodes of Volumes will go live every Wednesday. Follow the Billboard Philippines show on Spotify for more episodes that go behind the scenes of the Philippines’ brightest and biggest musicians.

Check out the premiere episode with Ena Mori below.