On the latest episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes, folk-pop act Ben&Ben revealed the stories behind their latest singles “Courage” and “Autumn”.

The band revealed that the idea for “Autumn” — which centers around waiting to be reunited with that special someone — actually came a year ago, but only came to fruition after the band’s 2023 North American tour. “I think all of us were really just missing home,” says the band’s Miguel Benjamin, adding that at the time, they were also waiting for their US visas.

“There was a lot of anxiety and wanting things to happen right now, for clarity to come. [We often find ourselves in situations where] there’s nothing that you can control actually, parang lahat nagiging out of control (It’s like everything’s getting out of control). So, the only thing I can control is that I can write a song.”

While “Autumn” came from the gentle pain of waiting and anxiety according to Benjamin, “Courage” came from a bigger struggle, as the band navigated through the valleys of a turbulent time. “A lot of the things we were hoping for to happen didn’t and there were a lot of failures as well — internally and in things we were hoping to achieve. And when you experience a lot of failures and setbacks, it makes you question why you’re doing things. ‘Courage’ came from that heavy feeling of despair,” shared Benjamin.

Ben&Ben released “Autumn” and “Courage” late last year to close out a year of learning and experimenting, both on and off the stage. As they move forward and approach a new chapter in their journey, the band are in the midst of piecing together a new album full of songs they can’t wait to bring to life.

Check out the full episode of Ben&Ben’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes below.