Folk-pop band Ben&Ben announced that they will be releasing a new version of their latest song, “Autumn” with Belle Mariano.

In an Instagram post published last night, the band wrote, “We’re deeply honored to announce that we’re releasing a collab version of our new song “Autumn”, with the amazing Belle Mariano! What a dream.”

The version will be used as part of the original soundtrack for the Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan-led series, Can’t Buy Me Love. The collaboration will be released on December 8.

“Autumn” with Belle Mariano rounds out the last three singles to be released by Ben&Ben this year. Previously, they released the original version of “Autumn” and then “Courage,” which came out on December 1. In a Tweet announcing the trio of singles, the band wrote, “These songs represent deep parts of our souls, emotions, and memories. We’ve gone through a lot to bring them to life, and each note, each detail you will hear is a product of many tears cried, many moments celebrated, and many struggles overcome. We hope they speak to you, Liwanag.”

Most recently, Ben&Ben were crowned as Spotify’s Most Streamed OPM Artist Of 2023, clinching the same title three years in a row. In response to the news, the band wrote, “Thank you for bringing us to #1 this year. This hits deep, because we realized that somehow, we’ve become a constant part of each other’s lives through these songs that connect us. You brought us here. […] We’ll keep on working our hardest to serve you through the music we make and the stuff we create. Let’s make our dreams happen together and keep carrying on, with courage. This is for all of us!”

Listen to Ben&Ben and Belle Mariano’s “Autumn” here.