In case you missed it, folk-pop favorites Ben&Ben just released their music video to their hit single, “Courage”.

In a poignant exploration of mental health and triumph in the face of adversity, the nine-piece act showcased the emotionally charged visuals of their latest single, even issuing a trigger warning that cautioned viewers about scenes portraying self-harm that may evoke distress.

The music video delves into the harsh realities of life –– showcasing individuals grappling with issues in varying situations, such as bullying, academic setbacks, work-related stress, and financial burdens. However, amidst the struggles, the visuals artfully depict moments of resilience, courage, and the supportive impact of meaningful connections.

Even closing with an inspirational message, the video urges viewers to persevere for their future selves, while acknowledging that it’s perfectly acceptable to seek help if the burden becomes too heavy. The band provides links and hotline numbers for mental health services at the end, reinforcing the importance of mental well-being.

This year has been a remarkable one for Ben&Ben, highlighted by the release of several singles, including “Could be Something” in June, “Courage (Acoustic Version)” in October, “Autumn” in November, and the full band version of “Courage” on December 1. Additionally, the folk-pop ensemble also earned the distinction of being named the Philippines’ top-streamed OPM artist on the platform of Spotify for 2023.

Adding to their list of achievements, Ben&Ben recently won an award at the 8th Asia Artist Awards held at the Philippine Arena last week. Earning the “Best Choice Award” alongside several notable Asian acts, the group made a significant impression on the international crowd and acts who were in attendance at the show.

Watch the music video to Ben&Ben’s “Courage” below: