In a harmonious fusion of finance and entertainment, Mastercard has announced a groundbreaking multi-year partnership with Live Nation, the world’s premier live entertainment company. The partnership aims to elevate the music experience for over 100 million Mastercard cardholders, connecting them with their passion for music in unprecedented ways.

Unlocking the Rhythm of Exclusive Access

Beginning January 1, eligible Mastercard cardholders across 19 geographies in Europe and Asia, including Australia, Japan, Spain, and the United Kingdom, will gain exclusive access to a crescendo of benefits. From coveted concert presale tickets to premium seats and unforgettable VIP experiences, Mastercard is set to amplify the diversity of product benefits already available to its cardholders.

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for Mastercard expressed the company’s commitment to enriching cardholders’ lives through this extraordinary set of benefits. “Music excites us, inspires us, and unites us,” he declared. The partnership with Live Nation is poised to create lasting memories for cardholders and provide unprecedented marketing support to artists and shows worldwide.

Russell Wallach, Live Nation Media & Sponsorship’s Global President, shared the excitement, stating, “Our partnership will not only create lifelong memories for Mastercard cardholders but also bring tremendous marketing support to artists and shows worldwide, fostering an enduring connection with audiences for many years to come.”

An Overture to Environmental Stewardship

The partnership not only celebrates the love for music but also aligns with Mastercard’s commitment to doing well by doing good. Through the Priceless Planet Coalition, a project aimed at restoring 100 million trees, Mastercard and Live Nation empower cardholders to make a positive impact on the planet.

Cardholders will have the opportunity to contribute to the restoration of trees by donating when they purchase concert tickets during Mastercard presale events. The Priceless Planet Coalition, guided by the Conservation International and World Resources Institute, engages businesses and consumers in collective actions to combat climate change.

A Symphony of Innovation

This collaboration marks Mastercard’s continued support for the music industry, building on its sponsorships of the GRAMMY Awards, Latin GRAMMY Awards, and BRIT Awards. Mastercard has a history of creating innovative, inclusive Priceless Experiences that connect fans and artists.

In an interview with Billboard, Raja Rajamannar shed light on the importance of diversifying product benefits in the music space. He emphasized the universal passion for music, with 97% of concert-goers agreeing on the magic of experiencing music with others. The timing of the partnership is strategic, capitalizing on the surging demand for live music globally, with 2023 poised to be the industry’s biggest year on record.

Mastercard’s initiative to bridge the gap between live music and environmental stewardship reflects a keen understanding of consumer passions. Recognizing the demand for experiences over material possessions, the partnership with Live Nation and the Priceless Planet Coalition allows cardholders to maximize every moment while contributing to the greater good.

As Mastercard orchestrates this symphony of benefits, the partnership with Live Nation promises to be a groundbreaking movement –– bringing the joy of music to cardholders around the world in ways never experienced before.