In an industry where constant innovation is the name of the game, there always seems to be a need to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of the scene.

But to Ingrooves Music Group, that’s only a mere and meager part of the job for the company. Over the years since its inception, Ingrooves has established itself as a trailblazing force in the world of music distribution thanks to its innovative and unconventional approaches to the craft. Music distribution itself is an element of music that most fans would overlook, but those in the industry are well aware of how pivotal this factor plays in the entire process of bringing music from the artists and labels to the ears of listeners all across the globe.

The ecosystem of modern music (especially in the digital world) is quite tricky to navigate, but it seems Ingrooves has found a way to bridge the gap and help make music distribution more accessible. Here, Billboard Philippines addresses your curiosity in learning all the things you need to know about Ingrooves Music Group, their process, and their contributions to the overall music industry.

Who exactly is Ingrooves Music Group?

Ingrooves Music Distribution has been dubbed as a global leader in the fields of music distribution, marketing, and technology, with their goal being the empowerment of their clients in finding success in the music industry. Since 2002, the company has been at the forefront of the digital revolution in the music industry (especially with how much has changed in the present day) and has established themselves as a trusted partner for many artists, independent labels, and major record companies alike.

As a cutting-edge powerhouse in the music industry, they’ve only managed to cultivate a reliable reputation for pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the digital age of music –– which is why they were acquired by Virgin Music Group, the newly formed independent music division of Universal Media Group.

What exactly does Ingrooves Music Group do?

Based from their own site, Ingrooves Music offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that are all accessible through their intuitive client platform. To summarize all of this up for our readers, here are the key points of what Ingrooves works with as part of their process:

  • Digital Distribution: Through digital distribution, Ingrooves gets to connect artists and labels with a large network of digital platforms that can ensure that their music reaches audiences worldwide. This includes popular streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music, but also to niche digital download stores found on the internet.
  • Marketing and Promotion: When it comes to marketing, Ingrooves offers effective strategies and advertising campaigns for their clients, which are created in mind to help in maximizing brand visibility. This includes promotional social media strategies for a release rollout, or even how an artist’s songs are being placed in popular playlists to assist the clients in building their brand.
  • Data and Analytics: In understanding how to assist their clients, Ingrooves gathers comprehensive data and utilizes analytic tools with their findings to provide the artists and labels with invaluable insights related to their audience and performance metrics across all digital platforms. This allows for clients to track the performance of their content, while also informing Ingrooves how they can best move forward with their marketing and promotional strategies.
  • Rights Management: Royalty accounting, music licensing, video monetization and rights management are among the many factors both artists and labels have to consider when putting out their music, but Ingrooves simplifies this complex web of rights into a fair and convenient manner of receiving credit and royalties.

Why does Ingrooves Music Group do what they do?

In this line of work, Ingrooves Music Group aims to utilize their passion for music to help all kinds of artists to share their music as much as possible. Given the many changes and challenges that the current state of the industry faces as both the audience and technology change over time, Ingrooves offers its services to equip musicians with the right tools and support they need in order to stay ahead of the curve.

To help them do so, it’s on Ingrooves to utilize their inventive spirit and knowledge of applied science to stay at the forefront of the latest (and changing) trends, with the company evolving their services as time passes by so that they may aid their clients in achieving their goals.

Where does Ingrooves Music Group operate?

Though their headquarters are in Los Angeles, California, Ingrooves Music Group operates all across the world. With numerous offices located in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia, their international reach has no boundaries and allows them to connect artists from various backgrounds, cultures, and forms of artistry with audiences in every corner of the world.

Universal Records/Ingrooves Music Group Philippines

Universal Records/Ingrooves Music Group Philippines

As of January 2021, Ingrooves has expanded their Asian operations here to the Filipino market with Guji Lorenzana being assigned as the Country Manager for the Philippines. Locally, Ingrooves has partnered up with Curve Entertainment and Universal Records for global distribution deals that can further expand the reach of Filipino musicians for a worldwide audience.

In the end, Ingrooves Music Group is more than just a music distributor –– rather, it has become a driving force that is shaping the future of music distribution as we know it. The company’s commitment to their clients has led for it to become a symbol of resourcefulness, one that remains as an important figure behind the scenes that (sadly) not many people will realize (nor appreciate) its contributions to the world of music.