Filipino hip-hop sensation Hev Abi has reached the top spot on Billboard’s Philippine Songs Chart, not just once –– but twice over.

Hev Abi’s achievement in securing the No. 1 position twice on the Billboard Hits of the World (Philippines Songs) chart is a testament to his musical prowess and a unique milestone in the industry. Replacing his other chart-topping track with Kristina Dawn, “Makasarili Makalimbing“, the latest entry “Alam Mo Ba Girl,” demonstrates Abi’s ability, to not only sustain his popularity but to make a dynamic and evolving impact on the local music landscape.

What sets Hev Abi apart is not just his ability to secure the top position but the comprehensive dominance he exhibits across the chart. Simultaneously charting six songs is a remarkable feat that extends beyond typical success metrics. His songs, including the entire top four (“Alam Mo Ba Girl” at No. 1, “Babaero” at No. 2, “Makasarili Malambing” at No.3, and “Walang Alam” at No.4) and half of the top ten positions, reflect a diverse musical influence and an undeniable connection with listeners spanning various tastes and preferences. Aside from those, Abi also places at No. 7 on the chart with “Lil Kasalanan Shortie“, and “Para Sa Streets” at No. 24.

This level of success ties Hev Abi with Zack Tabudlo, solidifying their positions as Filipino artists with the most songs concurrently charting at the same time. This shared achievement reflects a broader trend of local talent making significant waves on the global stage that not only speaks to their artistry but also underscores the richness and vibrancy of the Filipino music scene –– which continues to captivate audiences both nationally and internationally.

Aside from reaching the peak of Billboard’s charts, Abi’s songs also occupy the top four songs of Spotify’s Top 50 Charts in the Philippines. Abi’s recently released album, Kung Alam Mo Lang, has amassed more than 50 million streams in total since its late October release in 2023. Adding to the narrative of his triumph, Abi joins the likes of O SIDE MAFIA, Zack Tabudlo, AdieSunkissed Lola, Juan Karlos, Toneejay, and Dilaw as the only artists from the Philippines to ever reach the top of the Philippines’ charts.

The Philippines Songs chart comes as one of Billboard’s country-specific music charts, which ranks the most streamed song every week in a particular region or country. This is different from Billboard Philippines’ music charts which is set to launch soon.

Listen to Hev Abi’s chart-breaking hit “Alam Mo Lang”: