Eliza Maturan has officially debuted on the Billboard Philippines Hot 100.

On July 10, Billboard Philippines revealed the rankings of the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 chart for the week of July 13. Among all the songs on chart is a noteworthy new entry — Maturan’s “Museo” at No. 81.

Prior to its release, “Museo” had received a considerable amount of attention on such platforms as TikTok prior to its official release, making it become a highly anticipated track for many. Maturan initially teased the track last March via a TikTok video. Later that month, she posted another video singing along to the song’s chorus. In the following days, the audio slowly went viral, with people making their own TikTok videos singing along to the track.

The heartfelt single — with Eliza singing about admiring someone as if they were a work of art in a museum — was officially released on April 19, with the track gaining further widespread recognition thanks to the likes of BINI’s Colet — Maturan’s favorite member from the P-pop girl group — sharing the song on her official X account.

For the 21-year old Surigaoan singer-songwriter, the viral single’s continued success and the places it has taken her since its release are both nothing short of having her dreams come true, having officially moved to Manila last 2021 to pursue her goals as a musician. This, especially since she has been releasing songs since her mid-teens, with her first single “Biglaan” having come out on July 2018.

With its relatable lyrics and dreamy instrumentals, it’s no surprise that “Museo” has won the hearts of many listeners, with Maturan’s debut on the Billboard Philippines Hot 100 serving as proof, as it shows further potential of climbing the charts in the following weeks.

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Listen to Eliza Maturan’s “Museo” below: