Chappell Roan is arguably one of 2024’s fastest-rising pop stars around the world.

The ascent of her music to the mainstream is a journey that has been nearly a decade in the making, yet it seems like it’s high time she finds the success that she had always deserved. Alongside rising pop figures like Sabrina Carpenter and Charli XCX, she’s crafted one of the defining songs of 2024 thus far with “Good Luck, Babe!” — a heartfelt, devastating anthem on compulsory heterosexuality that resonates far and wide.

To no surprise, Chappell Roan’s emotional pop track has made quite the splash amongst Filipino listeners, even earning a spot within the Top 20 of Billboard Philippines’ inaugural lineup of entries on the Hot 100 at No. 15. This week, it’s just one of a few tracks that have ascended even further up the charts, finding a snug spot at the No. 14 position. And amidst the growing popularity of the track on both social media and various streaming platforms, there’s a strong chance that it could climb even further up to the Top 10 of the Hot 100.

Even on Billboard USA‘s Hot 100 rankings, “Good Luck, Babe!” has found growing success since its debut on the chart at No. 77 as her first entry on the charts, just a few weeks past the track’s initial release. Yet since then, the hit song has jumped far and beyond to clinch the No. 10 spot as its peak position so far, proving the widespread appeal and resonance it has garnered in just a few months since it dropped last April.

Though none of Chappel Roan’s other tracks have appeared in Billboard Philippines‘ Hot 100 as of now, her other rising hits “HOT TO GO!,” “Red Wine Supernova,” “Pink Pony Club,” and “Casual” (all from her stellar debut album The Rise and Fall Of A Midwest Princess) have charted at the No. 35, No. 48, No. 56, and No. 87 positions respectively on Billboard USA’s Hot 100 chart. Should such tracks appear within our local Hot 100, perhaps that could signify enough proof or demand that the Philippines adores her as much as the online clamor claims to say. And perhaps next week, we’ll also see “Good Luck, Babe! soar even higher up to our Top 10 rankings.

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