In case you aren’t familiar with her work, meet Chappell Roan –– the American singer-songwriter who has just reached No. 1 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Philippines Chart.

Roan, born Kayleigh Amstutz, achieved the prestigious feat at the top of the platform’s chart that tracks the most viral songs in the country with her latest single “Good Luck, Babe!”, which also made its debut on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart at the position of No. 77 during its first week of release. The track dropped earlier this April 5, 2024, yet it has already amassed over 32 million streams and counting in less than 3 weeks and was written by Roan, Justin Tranter, and her constant collaborator Dan Nigro –– the latter of whom also produced the track.

The rising indie pop act performed the hit song live for the first time at Coachella 2024 in California, with many publications and fans noting her setlist as one of the best aspects of this year’s lineup for both weekends. Prior to her Coachella showcase, Roan participated in Olivia Rodrigo‘s GUTS World Tour as the opening act for the US leg of the showcase and is now embarking on her Midwest Princess Tour which will go across the United States and Europe through the end of the year.

Her debut album, The Rise and Fall Of A Midwest Princess, was released last September 2023 to critical and commercial acclaim –– with Billboard Global listing the record as their #13 pick for their Top 50 Albums of 2023. It also debuted at #3 on Heatseekers Albums and has jumped to a peak position of #66 on the latest list of the Billboard 200.

Describing the tracks off her album last year, Roan told Billboard: “My music [at that time] reflected the feelings of my first time in a gay club, my first time falling in love with a woman, my first time feeling homesick. I had to go through all those experiences, that pain and suffering, to rebirth myself into where I am now.”

Seeing how significant Roan’s reach has expanded in the country, stay tuned to Billboard Philippines to see what else the rising pop artist has in store.

Listen to “Good Luck, Babe!” by Chappell Roan below: