As much as we wish otherwise, breakups happen.

They hurt and are hard to do — or get through. Regardless if you got dumped, dumped someone, or just fell out of love, ending a relationship brings a whole wave of emotions that you have no choice but to swim through. Luckily, a painful love story has fueled so many Filipino artists’ best songs.

So, if you’re mourning the end of a relationship or soothing a broken heart or trying to close a chapter, Billboard Philippines is here with some of our favorite breakup tracks to scream and ugly cry to. Taken from the team’s own playlists of tears and misery, here are songs featuring Ben&Ben, Olivia Rodrigo, UDD, Clara Benin, The Itchyworms, and more.

Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay – Ben&Ben

Sometimes, things just aren’t meant to be. They come together only to fall apart later on, and while it hurts, it’s still the kind of love you’d choose again and again even in another life. Ben&Ben’s “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay” (In The Next Forever) is about lost love and the possibility of forever in a different lifetime.

Four Corners – Oh, Flamingo!

When a relationship ends, what you’re often left with are questions: the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what could have beens’. You’re fixated on what went wrong or what you could have differently but the truth of the matter is, it just didn’t work out. In “Four Corners”, Oh, Flamingo! want nothing more than to move forward but can’t help but look back on the remnants of a past love.

Dating Tayo – TJ Monterde

As a relationship nears its end, happiness tends to feel like distant memory. There’s no more laughter, no more quaint moments that make your heart flutter with joy. In “Dating Tayo” (What Used To Be Us), TJ Monterde, like a lot of us during these difficult times, ask whether we’ll ever get back to the way things used to be.

Indak – UDD

Even against all our wishes, love — especially, its demise — is ultimately complex. Your heart and head is clouded with emotions, leaving you paralyzed about what to do or think. Haunted by a melancholic melody, UDD’s “Indak” (Dancing) is about trudging forward, no matter how uncertain you may be, and hoping your heart’s okay by the end of it.

Traitor – Olivia Rodrigo

No matter how a relationship comes to an end, you can’t help feel but feel betrayed by it all. From promising to be together forever to saying goodbye, there’s bound to be pain, resentment, and even anger — and nothing captures all those emotions like Olivia Rodrigo’s “Traitor”.

Parallel Universe – Clara Benin

Similar to Ben&Ben’s “Sa Susunod Na Habang Buhay”, Clara Benin’s “Parallel Universe” is about wishing that you end up together in another universe. While it didn’t work out between you two this time round, there’s an alternate dimension where you live happily ever after.

Courage – I Belong To The Zoo

Despite what we’ve been told, love isn’t always kind. Whether it’s unrequited love or someone simply not choosing you, it hurts and brings up a kind of pain you never thought existed and can’t quite articulte. I Belong To The Zoo’s “Courage” is all about feeling that internal conflict and hoping for some kind of resolution.

Di Na Muli – The Itchyworms

You’ll never know, and sometimes expect, the last moments you’ll have with someone. Soundtrack several heartbreaking titles like the 2018 film Sid & Aya (Not A Love Story), The Itchyworms’ “Di Na Muli” (Never Again) is about loss, words unspoken, and pondering about all things you could have still done together.

Evidence – Urbandub

Time heals all wounds, they say but oftentimes, it hurts too much to wait. So, as you try to mend your broken heart, you can scream along “Time has a way of healing, or so they say. So why am I still left here?” along with Urbandub in “Evidence”.

Someday – Nina

Someday you’ll get over the pain, someday they’ll realize how good they had it, and someday, you’ll find the kind of love you truly deserve. But, until then, it’ll be a lot of tears and having Nina’s heartwrenching classic “Someday” on repeat.