Since OPM’s rise in popularity among audiences, the Filipino fanbase has always been vocal about supporting their favorite bands, even if many of these groups have long been inactive or disbanded. 

Even with the impact of their discography and the rich legacy they’ve left behind, the absence of many of these OPM groups still leaves a void in the ever-changing face of the local music scene. Their fans’ relationship to the music is special and beyond compare, and many have left their doors open hoping for a comeback and more new material by their favorite band.

So, to round up which groups we would love to see back together, here are Billboard Philippines’ Top 10 picks for which OPM acts whose reunions we’d hope to visit someday.

10. Eraserheads

Members of Eraserheads

Eraserheads: Courtesy of @HulingElBimbo2022

Yes, we know. The Eraserheads may have recently embarked on a worldwide reunion tour that just ended a few months back. However, their significant impact on the history of OPM still garners a constant demand from fans worldwide. As one of the most influential (if not legendary) Filipino acts in existence, we’re highly aware of how dearly their presence has been missed by fans since the group’s official breakup more than twenty years ago.

No matter how many times we look back at their impeccable discography, we never tire of hearing more from the Eraserheads––so at least their occasional reunion performances are enough to satisfy audiences yearning for the group to set their differences aside and reunite to record one final album that would become a much different ending to their story. 

9. Callalily

Members of Callalily

Callalily: Courtesy of @TheLily01

Despite sharing 17 years together, the now-fragmented Callalily sees a division between former frontman Kean Cipriano and the remaining members Lem Belaro, Aaron Ricafrente, Nathan Reyes, and Alden Acosta (who have recruited new singer Joshua Bulot and rebranded themselves as Lily). 

While Cipriano’s departure last year was allegedly due to internal conflict with the band, the group’s time together was more than fruitful in gathering numerous accomplishments as a popular OPM act. Their hit songs “Magabalik,” “Stars,” and “Ex” are just a few of the tracks that numbers of fans have been yearning to hear once more in a live setting––especially if it could reunite the group’s initial roster of members back together.

8. Neocolours

Members of Neocolours

Neocolours: Courtesy of @neocolours

As one of the most relevant OPM acts from the late 1980s, Neocolours have been somewhat of a fixture here in the Philippines –– given that their discography has some of the songs most covered by many aspiring artists. 

Whether it’s their work’s lasting impact or catchiness, many elements of their music stick with listeners in search of their signature Filipino sound. Although they amicably parted ways in 1994, each member is making their way within the field of music, and their continued success serves as an example of their living legacy within the OPM scene. 

In the present day, the group occasionally performs together for live performances here and there –– having recently completed a U.S. tour late last year. Fans and purists of the local music scene like ourselves could credit the group and its members’ contributions in such high regard, that we’re already looking for them to collaborate on new music in the near future.

7. Sugarfree

Members of Sugarfree

Sugarfree: Courtesy of Sugarjal

Despite forming in 1999, Sugarfree’s first splash on the OPM scene was delayed for a myriad of reasons. Their debut album was not only shelved by their first label Viva Records, but it took the band a lot of time and effort to get it released by EMI Records (Now PolyEast Records). The result was eventually worth all the hassle, given that their first record, Sa Wakas, was a mainstream success that garnered them tons of radio play and positive acclaim.

Four albums and multiple hit singles later, it seemed as if Sugarfree’s success was only headed upward –– until they announced their decision to part ways in 2011. Following their farewell concert which last saw them perform together, each member went in their own direction in life. Lead singer/songwriter Ebe Dancel eventually went on to pursue a successful solo career, while bassist Jal Taguibao pursued a doctorate at the University of the Philippines Diliman.

To this day, “Burnout” is still an OPM favorite for many fans and listeners all over the country. While Dancel is still continuing his path as a solo artist, the other two members revived the Sugarfree band –– though they now perform as a duo without Dancel’s involvement. Despite the mixed reception of their return, we’re still holding out that perhaps someday, we can see the group reunite with Dancel in the near future.

6. Up Dharma Down (UDD)

UDD: Courtesy of @UDDph

At a time when the OPM scene slowed down, the presence of Up Dharma Down (UDD) reinvigorated the landscape with a special flair that’s quite difficult to measure. The group’s success and rise to stardom was not something that came overnight; instead, it was a years-long journey of underground rumblings and consistent fan support that aided in their positioning into the mainstream.

2006’s Fragmented fused jazz and rock together with the smoother elements of soul, and put the band on the map with the hit “Oo”, while 2009’s Bipolar was a temperamental trip into the confines of electronica. Eventually, the group hit the mainstream in 2012 with the sparkly, synth-pop-tinged Capacities –– with the success of the record solidifying their presence as a potential all-time great in the OPM scene. Heck, even 2019’s UDD catapulted them further into the stratosphere with it’s funk-rock combination, so it really seemed like there was no way to go but up.

With how consistent and impressive their four studio albums were, it was a sudden surprise when lead vocalist Armi Millare stepped away from the group to pursue a solo career, effective December 2021. This news has only ignited a more dedicated response from the fanbase –– with physical media of the group’s albums becoming scarce and valued at higher prices than ever before. Many fans have been loudly voicing their wishes for reissues of UDD’s albums –– so if that doesn’t say there’s a demand, what does?

5. Bamboo

Members of Bamboo

Bamboo: EMI/Polyeast Records

After leaving Rivermaya in 1998 in the midst of their US tour, Francisco “Bamboo” Mañalac returned to the country — and the stage — with former bandmate Nathan Azarcon, alongside Ira Cruz and Vic Mercado, to form Bamboo in 2003.

The catchy (and memorable) name, paired with their excellent music, struck a chord with all sorts of audiences. With four best-selling studio albums under their belt (three of which were at least Platinum), there was no doubt regarding Bamboo’s potential to have a long-standing career that could rival many OPM greats. Yet by January 2011, rumors of their frontman’s departure started circulating the industry like wildfire, with an official statement on the group’s site released soon after. Although the remaining members played together, the band was no more.

Bamboo (the singer) continues to perform with a different band, but the original group has never reunited since their split. Their presence is a lingering specter in the OPM scene that continues to haunt fans who hope to see them back together again.

4. The (Original) SexBomb Girls

Members of SexBomb Girls

SexBomb: Courtesy of Netflix Philippines

While this list is filled with male-dominated, rock-oriented acts, a special place belongs to the iconic and incomparable SexBomb Girls. 

The group has gone through many reiterations and revivals, shuffling as many as 80 members throughout every lineup in the group’s history. While their appearances are still highly anticipated, many fans have agreed that nothing compares to the group’s original lineup from 1999.

Their impact on Pinoy pop culture is not merely part of Eat Bulaga history, but also of the cultural conversation surrounding the early days of OPM girl groups. Early this year, a social media teaser left fans anticipating a solid reunion from the Daisy Siete bunch––but it turned out to be a Netflix Philippines ad. With the demand already there, would it be too much to ask for more ‘get-get-aws’ from SexBomb’s original lineup?

3. Apo Hiking Society

Members of Apo Hiking Society

APO: Courtesy of @DannyJimBoboy

Well-recognized as one of the pioneers and pillars of OPM, the APO Hiking Society is truly beloved by Filipino audiences of all generations. Their contributions to the local music industry at large are massive in scope –– whether it’s through Danny Javier’s coining of the OPM acronym, their involvement in the Organisation ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (aptly titled OPM as well), and by advancing the careers of Pinoy musicians from all sorts of backgrounds. 

Their expansive discography of 27 albums remains fresh to the ears of their loyal fanbase, given how incredible the quality of their music stands past its original release. As symbols of our country’s passionate relationship with music, it’s impossible not to understand why the APO Hiking Society still carries so much meaning to our national identity. The group stayed and played for almost 50 years, eventually retiring by 2010, citing “a diminished creative process.” 

The group’s retirement didn’t keep them away from the industry, up until the unfortunate loss of Danny Javier late last year. Although Jim Paredes and Boboy Garrovillo occasionally perform together to this day, it would have been great to see the trio one last time for a reunion to cherish. 

2. IV Of Spades

IV of Spades

IVOS: Courtesy of Warner Music Philippines

When IV of Spades released “Mundo,” it seemingly marked a cultural reset that single-handedly changed OPM for a new generation of listeners and artists alike.

Whether it was their ‘70s-inspired outfits, early Beatles-esque haircuts, or the sweet and serene crooning of lead vocalist Unique Salonga, there was something about the song, the band, and their identity that resonated with the Filipino audience –– many of whom tuned in and anticipated whatever was next in store for the group. Yet that same year, IV of Spades suddenly announced on social media that Unique Salonga would leave the band. The news shocked their relatively new but loyal fanbase, whose dreams and expectations for the group were instantly shattered.

Their 2019 album CLAPCLAPCLAP! was recorded by the remaining members, but at present, IV of Spades is officially on hiatus. Although each member has pursued solo ventures or joined new bands, their fans still long for the group’s original lineup. If we could ever hear all four of them perform “Mundo” and the rest of their discography together again, it’ll be a reunion to behold in its full glory. 

1. Rivermaya

Members of Rivermaya

Rivermaya: Courtesy of @ricoblanco100

Of all the OPM acts on this list, the one we’re dying to see back together the most would be the classic lineup of Rivermaya. Fans may have varying opinions of which members make up the band’s “classic” lineup, but we can all agree that both original lead singer Bamboo and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Rico Blanco should be in it.

In 1994, Rivermaya’s eponymous debut album significantly impacted the music scene upon arrival. Apart from earning critical acclaim, it also introduced Filipino audiences to one of the most prolific contributors to the 1990s alternative rock explosion of the Philippines. Fans were impressed with the band’s work as early as then, whose support eventually paved the way for the group to become one of the best-selling artists in Philippine history.

Things changed in 1998, with the sudden and last performance of frontman Bamboo Manalac. His departure caused a significant shift in the group’s roster, leading to the band’s second evolution, which saw Rico Blanco step up to the mic. This incarnation of Rivermaya continued to ride on their growing success in the early 2000s, until Blanco announced his departure in 2007. 

Although Rivermaya is still active now, it’s safe to say that there was still a unique quality that the classic lineup had. Glory days or not, that roster shot them up into the spotlight –– and it’s the one that many devoted fans would die to see back together once more.