As the curtains fall on another spectacular year in the music industry, it’s time to unveil the triumphant artists who have ruled the Spotify airwaves in the Philippines throughout 2023, capturing the hearts and ears of millions. In the colorful landscape of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), three standout names have emerged as the reigning royalty, shaping the sound of the year.

Ben&Ben rightfully claim the throne as the undisputed kings of OPM streaming for 2023. Since their formation, the band has consistently crafted musical melodies that resonate with millions of Filipino listeners and their ability to weave emotions into every note has solidified their position at the forefront of the OPM scene. The nine-piece group garnered 371+ million streams from 15 million listeners in 184 countries, with more than 25 million hours accumulated in total. This continues the group’s streak of ranking number 1 in the Philippines from 2020 and 2021.

The band shared their appreciation to their fans for making this happen, sharing on social media; “THANK YOU for bringing us to # 1 this year. This hits deep, because we realized that somehow, we’ve become a constant part of each other’s lives through these songs that connect us. You brought us here. No words can express the depth of how much we treasure you, Liwanag. Iba kayo magmahal.”

Securing the second spot as the most streamed OPM artist, Zack Tabudlo continues to captivate audiences with his magnetic voice and emotionally charged lyrics as the most streamed OPM Male Artist (for the second year in a row!). From heartbreaking ballads to soulful anthems, Tabudlo’s ability to evoke powerful emotions solidifies his place as a rising star in the OPM landscape –– even earning him 479.4 million streams from 29.7 million listeners in 184 countries.

Moira Dela Torre, the reigning queen of OPM, once again enchants audiences with her soulful voice and poignant storytelling. Holding a firm grip on the most streamed Female OPM artist and fourth most streamed OPM artist this year, Dela Torre’s ability to connect with millions of Filipino listeners remains unparalleled –– a feat that has extended for seven consecutive years. 

In a year marked by diversity and excitement in OPM, these three artists have not only dominated the Spotify airwaves but have also left an indelible mark on the hearts of Filipino music lovers. As we look back on 2023, the melodies of Ben&Ben, the soulful storytelling of Moira Dela Torre, and the magnetic voice of Zack Tabudlo will undoubtedly be the soundtrack that defined the year in OPM. 

Check out the following lists of Spotify’s most streamed OPM artists below:

Top 25 Most Streamed OPM Artists

  1. Ben&Ben
  2. Zack Tabudlo
  3. Adie
  4. Moira Dela Torre
  5. Arthur Nery
  6. Flow G
  7. Lola Amour
  8. Al James
  9. December Avenue
  10. Parokya Ni Edgar
  11. Eraserheads
  12. Dilaw
  13. Sunkissed Lola
  14. Skusta Clee
  15. Shanti Dope
  16. IV of Spades
  17. Mrld
  18. Cup of Joe
  19. Juan Karlos
  20. Janine Berdin
  21. SB19
  22. Arthur Miguel
  23. TJ Monterde
  24. Hale
  25. Nobita

Top 10 Most Streamed OPM Groups:

  1. Ben&Ben
  2. Lola Amour
  3. December Avenue
  4. Parokya Ni Edgar
  5. Eraserheads
  6. Dilaw
  7. Sunkissed Lola
  8. IV of Spades
  9. Cup of Joe
  10. SB19

Top 10 Most Streamed OPM Male Artists:

  1. Zack Tabudlo
  2. Adie
  3. Arthur Nery
  4. Flow G
  5. Al James
  6. Skusta Cleezy
  7. Shanti Dope
  8. Juan Karlos
  9. Arthur Miguel
  10. TJ Monterde

Top 5 Most Streamed OPM Female Artists:

  1. Moira Dela Torre
  2. Mrld
  3. Janine Berdin
  4. Janine Teñoso
  5. Rhodessa