Mayhem is soon to be upon Gotham City once again as we finally get to see more of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn in the first Joker: Folie à Deux trailer.

Premiered last April 9, the teaser offers the first extensive glimpse into the dynamic of Lady Gaga and actor Joaquin Phoenix in their roles as Harley Quinn and Joker, respectively. The trailer hints at the origins and eventual fruition of the chaotic relationship between the two characters, showcasing their budding yet dangerous romance. This includes scenes of their interaction at the infamous Arkham Asylum, multiple instances of the two dancing, as well as Lady Gaga’s character eventually donning her own makeup as she fully transforms into the Joker’s literal partner-in-crime. “I’m not alone anymore,” Phoenix’s Joker remarks in the trailer.

Joker: Folie à Deux, set to premiere this October 4, follows 2019’s Joker, which sees the origins of the titular character as he eventually goes down a path of anarchy and destruction in Gotham City set during the time of recession during the early 1980’s. Announced by international media in mid-2022, the sequel, much like the addition of Lady Gaga’s character, is set to add a cinematic twist to the dark world of the Joker as it also serves to be a musical. In the same announcement, it was also revealed that Lady Gaga was in talks to portray her eventual character which she then confirmed via her social media a few months later.

The film will also see actors Zazie Beetz, Leigh Gill, and Sharon Washington in returning roles from the first film as well as the participation of the likes of Brendan Gleeson, Catherine Keener, Ken Leung, and more.

Watch the teaser trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux below: