Throughout the history of music, clothes have always served as an artist’s unique means of self-expression –– whether it be for avante-garde pop stars like Lady Gaga, Kanye West’s YEEZY lineup, or with celebrated rock icons such as Prince.

Here in the Philippines, there is no exception to this sort of phenomenon given just how vibrant the landscape of OPM is. With Filipino hip-hop culture, the relationship between the genre and streetwear is more than just superficial; it’s deeply intertwined –– almost symbiotic. Both serve as powerful mediums of self-expression, channels through which artists and enthusiasts alike communicate their identities, beliefs, and aspirations.

Filipino hip-hop, born from the streets and nurtured by the raw realities of urban life, finds a natural ally in streetwear — a fashion movement equally rooted in the ethos of the streets. Together, they form a dynamic duo that not only shapes the aesthetic landscape but also mirrors the lived experiences and narratives of both these artists and the Filipino youth. At the heart of this intersection lie the narratives of authenticity and defiance. Filipino hip-hop artists often draw from their own unique experiences, using their music as a platform to voice the struggles and triumphs of their communities. In the same vein, streetwear emerges as a visual language, where every garment tells a story of individuality and resistance against mainstream norms. The fusion of the two creates a potent cultural force that challenges conventions and celebrates the diversity of Filipino identity.

Within this vibrant culture, several streetwear brands have risen to prominence, becoming emblematic of the heart and soul of Filipino hip-hop. Billboard Philippines spotlights six streetwear brands that serve as symbols of this movement –– one that embodies the fusion of Pinoy Hip-Hop and the streetwear culture that goes in hand with it.

Origin Manila

origin clothing o side mafia

Courtesy of Origin Clothing

if you’ve been following rap trio O SIDE MAFIA, then perhaps you would have taken note of just how fly their outfits are.

Origin Manila clothing stands as a vibrant embodiment of Filipino hip-hop culture –– known for its distinct flair and bold expression. Frequently worn by the trio and their producer BRGR, the brand has become synonymous with streetwear that speaks volumes, as each piece is marked with the signature ORIGIN, proudly displayed across acid-washed jeans, camouflaged sweatshirts, and specialized ombre jackets.

These garments are more than just clothing; they are statements, representing the dynamic fusion of urban style and Filipino identity. From the bustling streets of Manila to the stages where O SIDE MAFIA dominates, Origin Manila clothing stands out, commanding attention with its colorful and outlandish designs, with all of them infused with an unmistakable energy. The brand’s clothing exudes confidence and individuality, reflecting the diverse and vibrant culture it represents –– making a statement that is as bold and unforgettable as the music itself.

HSO Brand

hellmerry hso brand

Courtesy of HSO Brand

Though it’s less outlandish than some other picks on this list, the HSO Brand still stands out with an array of staple pieces stamped with the distinctive HSO mark, this brand elevates everyday wear to new heights. There’s an unmistakable vintage-like charm to HSO Brand’s pieces, adding a touch of nostalgia and timeless appeal to even the simplest designs.

Whether it’s a classic graphic tee or one of their tailored jacket, each piece is meticulously crafted to stand out with sophistication as it complements any wardrobe. Their pieces possess an innate versatility, seamlessly blending into any style and occasion with ease. From casual outings to high-energy urban scenes, HSO Brand’s clothing exudes confidence and character, making heads turn wherever you go.

Young God Clothing

Courtesy of Young God Clothing

Originating from the independent record label of the same name, Young God Clothing retains the same spirit and authenticity that make its parent label stand out from several of its peers on the local hip-hop scene.

With a raw and almost unfiltered approach to its designs, this clothing company has evolved from its days as LDNME Clothing to be reborn into something even more distinct and reflective of what we’ve come to know about Filipino hip-hop and its culture. From what we’ve seen of its forthcoming collection, the brand effortlessly blends a carefree attitude with vibrant aesthetics –– capturing the essence of Filipino hip-hop through its visually captivating designs that adorn graphic t-shirts, bandanas, beanies, and more.

There’s no doubt as to why Hellmerry’s clothing brand retains the same spirit as his music and his label, considering just how tasteful he is as a connoisseur of Filipino streetwear as well.

Fivers Clothing PH

Courtesy of Fivers Clothing PH

As quite a unique entry on this list, Fivers Clothing PH is the go-to destination for essential streetwear pieces that effortlessly blend versatility with the vibrant spirit of Filipino street culture. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, their flawless tees and polos are wardrobe staples that seamlessly pair with any ensemble. Despite their simplicity, each garment exudes the unmistakable energy and colorful essence of Filipino streetwear, adding a touch of urban flair to every outfit.

Designed to complement the rhythm and style of hip-hop culture, Fivers Clothing PH captures the essence of the genre’s artists with a subtle yet unmistakable swagger. The confidence and attitude inherent in their designs reflect the spirit of hip-hop, embodying a sense of self-assurance and style that resonates with fans and artists alike. Whether you’re hitting the streets or stepping into the spotlight, Fivers Clothing PH offers the perfect blend of comfort, style, and streetwise sophistication that elevates your look with understated elegance.


MN+LA clothing streetwear filipino hip hop

Courtesy of MN+LA

Born from the bustling streets of Manila yet inspired by the energy of Los Angeles, MN+LA‘s signature contemporary-retro pieces redefine daily wear for the urban youth. Their “Manila Meets Los Angeles” ethos infuses classic staples like blank tees and loungewear with a fresh perspective, blending minimalist designs with rich, quality materials.

MN+LA’s collection embodies the essence of Filipino hip-hop culture, where versatility and authenticity reign supreme. Their products speak volumes with their understated yet impactful designs, seamlessly complementing the urban aesthetic –– bridging Western influences with local flair evident in the culture of Pinoy hip-hop.


hghmnds clothing omar baliw filipino hip hop streetwear

Courtesy of High Minds Clothing

As the brainchild of Omar Baliw, there’s no surprise as to why HIGH MINDS Clothing stands out as one of the most popular streetwear brands in the Filipino hip-hop scene.

With branches across Makati, Cubao, Malate, Parañaque, Cavite, Muntinlupa, and Caloocan, the wide-spanning reach of the brand embodies Baliw’s distinctive style and unwavering commitment to the authenticity of the street’s culture. Each piece in the collection is a testament to Baliw’s eclectic taste and unapologetic attitude, offering a fusion of streetwear aesthetics with bold, thought-provoking designs.

More than just fashion, the brand has placed an emphasis on catering to an urban demographic since 2011, appealing to people from different social backgrounds over the years in order to make fashion relatable and wearable for one’s day-to-day life. Still, it does so with an innovative aspect that celebrates the unconventional –– exuding urban sophistication with an unmistakable creative energy.