Music festival season is fast approaching. In a couple of months, crowds will be flocking to grassy grounds and welcoming the weekend with groovy melodies and catchy beats. It’s a time meant to escape the hustle of daily life to relish and lose yourself in live music.

Beyond the live performances and headliners everyone’s been waiting to see, another exciting facet of music festivals are the outfits. While some opt for comfort for those admittedly winding festival days, others go all out, dressed to the nines. Regardless of what you’d prefer, there’s nothing wrong with a little bling.

From statement necklaces to simple yet eye-catching earrings, here are local jewelry brands that will make as show-stopping as your favorite artists on stage — all of which are definitely sweat-proof for those warm, dance-filled festival afternoons.


Vintage French chic blends seamlessly with street style at MAZEE, your go-to spot for the effortlessly cool and culturally savvy. While this homegrown label is already garnering attention on social platforms, one standout feature you can’t overlook is their commitment to delivering fuss-free, sweat-proof pieces.

Every piece is carefully crafted from a varied selection of top-notch materials sourced from Asia and handcrafted here in the Philippines. So, if you’re aiming to infuse your wardrobe with a mix of elegance and edge while staying comfortable, MAZEE has got you covered.


Pandora, renowned for its iconic customizable charm bracelets, beckons with an enchanting array of options tailored to every taste. Discover hand-finished jewelry crafted from genuine metals such as sterling silver and gold, with each piece whispering tales of elegance and allure. What’s even more thrilling are Pandora’s collaborations with beloved franchises like Disney, Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Imagine adding a touch of magic to your festival outfit with charms inspired by your favorite characters or stories!

Penny Pairs

For those with minimalist aesthetics, Penny Pairs is here to steal your heart. Not only do they cater to your love for clean accessories, but their pieces are also remarkably durable, seamlessly transitioning from the daily grind in the office to weekend getaways without missing a beat.

But Penny Pairs doesn’t stop at aesthetics and durability; they’re committed to their eco-conscious ethos and sustainable approach. Imagine adorning yourself with ear cuffs, necklaces, and rings crafted from 100 percent recycled silver and adorned with lustrous 18k gold plating—an eco-friendly and stylish statement that speaks volumes about your commitment to both fashion and the planet.


Are you all about silver than gold? Then get ready to swoon over Silverworks! From childhood nostalgia to grown-up glam, they’ve got it all—tungsten with diamonds, stainless steel, charms, and even skin jewelry. The best part? You won’t have to empty your piggy bank to accessorize because Silverworks is always rolling out exciting promos.


Sunspell lives up to its claim of being curated for the golden days. Whether you’re diving headfirst into festival season or sculpting that summer body, this local brand ensures you can flaunt their pieces with confidence, whether you’re swimming, sweating it out, or taking a refreshing shower.

Crafted from stainless steel and treated with the advanced 18K gold coating technique called the Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Method, these accessories don’t just look good—they’re built to last, resistant to tarnishing and rust. From festivals to concerts, every Sunspell necklace, bracelet, and anklet has you covered.

Tala by Kyla

In 2018, Tala by Kyla made a meteoric entrance into the local scene, propelled by the fearless spirit of its founder, Janet Cañete. What sets this brand apart is its ability to create designs tailored for fandoms, making it a standout choice for festival-goers, whether they’re into K-pop or OPM. Remember when the brand collaborated with the chart-topping band Ben&Ben? Through it all, Tala by Kyla remains synonymous with durability, as their commitment to delivering tarnish-free jewelry never wavers.