If you’re heading to this year’s edition of Art Fair Philippines, you may find a few familiar names at the Galeria Paloma exhibit.

Wolfgang’s Basti Artadi and Martin Honasan together with his wife, Barbie Almalbis all have paintings up for display and sale at one of the biggest and most-awaited art exhibitions every year. The Galeria Paloma exhibit, titled Un|Tethered, is billed as a place where “acclaimed visual artists and musicians challenge their creative trajectories–and emerge triumphant–by exploring different art forms as they express themselves creatively with new mediums, forms, and collaborations.”

“In the twenty years we’ve worked closely with artists, we’ve realized that true artists are not confined to a single medium or category, and are willing to embrace change and challenge themselves,” says gallery co-director Kimberly Rocha-Delgado via the gallery’s website. “This occurs in many ways, but, specifically for Un|Tethered, well-known artists, revered in their respective fields such as painting, sculpture, and music, venture into the digital realm for the first time, with a keen ability to innovate and adapt. By transcending the traditional boundaries of their craft, these artists exemplify the dynamic and evolving nature of creative expression.”

Artadi currently has three paintings for display. The collection was reportedly inspired a controversy where a talent show contestant passed off one of the Eraserheads’ work as their own, and took home the first prize. “It got me thinking about the ways we consume our music, how we see our musical heroes, and, to an extent, how we consume art in general,” the Wolfgang frontman said.

Dong Abay: Courtesy of @bastiartadi73

Martin Honasan and Barbie Almalbis also team up for three paintings at the exhibit. Honasan’s paintings are brought to life via a scannable augmented reality feature, where Almalbis’ original music plays in the background. The augmented reality version of the piece starts out with Honasan’s line sketches until they eventually reveal the final piece.

The 2024 Art Fair Philippines started on February 16 and will run until February 18. Interested attendees can visit the exhibition at The Link in Ayala Center Makati from 10AM-9PM.