From hair care to makeup and everything in between, models, content creators, and celebrities have launched beauty brands over the years. We’ve all heard of big names like Kylie Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics and Jessica Alba’s Honest Beauty, but some of your favorite artists are also shaking up the beauty scene.

These music icons are not just creating hits on the charts; they’re also making waves in the beauty aisles. With wide shade ranges and vibrant dyes, their products are all about individuality and self-expression—just like their catchy songs that we can’t stop playing.

Scroll through to discover some notable beauty brands founded by artists who are transforming the way we think about cosmetics.

Ariana Grande – R.E.M. Beauty

Ariana Grande has launched her latest venture, R.E.M. Beauty, marking a bold step into the beauty industry that echoes her limitless creativity. As a multi-talented artist and cultural icon, Ariana delivers vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics designed to empower everyone.

With products for your eyes, face, lips, and even skincare, R.E.M. Beauty provides the tools you need to channel your inner creativity. It’s more than just makeup — it’s a reflection of confidence, creativity, and the beauty of being yourself.

Billie Eilish – Eilish Fragrance

Billie Eilish ventured into the world of fragrances with the launch of Eilish Fragrance in 2021. Her debut scent, named Eilish, reflects her bold and distinctive style, presenting a warm, sensual scent profile that captures Billie’s essence through a blend of rich notes that make a statement.

Just like her music, each fragrance promises a deeply personal and evocative experience, representing a new dimension of her artistry. You can be sure that when the party’s over, your signature scent lingers on — creating a lasting impression that defines your presence long after the music fades.

Halsey – About-Face Beauty

Halsey launched About-Face Beauty in 2021, a brand that celebrates the artistry of makeup. Known for her eclectic and ever-changing style, Halsey’s brand offers highly pigmented and adaptable products that inspire creativity. From eye-catching eye paints and matte lipsticks, About-Face Beauty is all about breaking the rules and having fun with makeup. Besides, why conform when you can be a colorful mess?

Harry Styles – Pleasing

Harry Styles made a stylish foray into the beauty industry with Pleasing in 2021. Initially renowned for his bold fashion and iconic nails, Styles expanded Pleasing beyond expectations. Starting with nail polish, the brand now includes skincare products and fragrances, echoing his commitment to self-expression and challenging societal standards of beauty. Just as the singer encourages individuality in his music, Pleasing invites everyone to embrace themselves with products that defy traditional boundaries.

Hayley Williams – Good Dye Young

Hayley Williams, alongside Brian O’Connor, launched Good Dye Young in 2016 — a vibrant (and vegan!) hair dye brand best known for its bold colors. Embracing individuality and self-expression, it empowers everyone to channel their inner rock star with a spectrum of daring hues, from fiery reds to electric blues. After all, we really shouldn’t settle for the status quo when we can riot for our right to play in color.

Jennifer Lopez – JLO BEAUTY

Have you ever wondered how Jennifer Lopez keeps her glow game strong? In 2021, JLO BEAUTY emerged as her answer, embodying her timeless radiance. This brand is all about achieving healthy, radiant skin with a lineup of skincare essentials crafted to deliver that signature JLo glow.

With years of experience in the limelight, Jennifer Lopez knows the key to maintaining beautiful skin, and she generously shares her secrets through JLo Beauty.

Lady Gaga – Haus Labs

Lady Gaga launched Haus Labs in 2019, infusing her avant-garde style into a beauty brand that’s all about serving looks and self-love. From fierce eyeliners to luscious lip glosses, Haus Laboratories offers clean and supercharged products designed to empower everyone to express themselves boldly. This ethos resonates with Gaga’s iconic anthems, inspiring confidence and self-expression with every swipe and stroke.

Pharrell Williams – Humanrace Skincare

Pharrell Williams made a splash in the beauty world with the launch of Humanrace in 2020. This gender-neutral skincare line emphasizes health and wellness, using clean, effective ingredients. Pharrell’s philosophy is that taking care of your skin is a vital form of self-care, and Humanrace Skincare embodies this belief with carefully formulated products. As Pharrell might say, being happy isn’t just about feeling good — it’s about looking good too, with a skincare routine that makes your skin sing.

Rihanna – Fenty Beauty

Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, launched in 2017, has completely transformed the beauty industry. With its extensive range of foundation shades, the brand ensures that everyone, regardless of their skin tone, can find their perfect match.

Rihanna’s mission was to create a brand that made everyone feel included, and she has brilliantly succeeded with innovative products and bold marketing. We didn’t find love in a hopeless place — we found it in the beauty aisle, thanks to Fenty Beauty.

Selena Gomez – Rare Beauty

Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez is more than just a makeup brand; it’s a movement. Launched in 2020, Rare Beauty champions self-acceptance and mental health, donating 1% of all sales to the Rare Impact Fund. Talk about beauty with a mission!

The brand offers a variety of products designed to enhance your natural beauty, with an emphasis on feeling so good in your own skin that you wouldn’t want to be anybody else. The best part? Their packaging is designed for accessibility, making it easy to open, hold, and apply.