Singer-songwriter Timmy Albert has joined forces with Converse All Stars for the release of his latest single, “GET UP!” 

This collaboration stems from Albert’s partnership with Converse All Star Projects, an initiative dedicated to supporting emerging artists with funding and mentorship to propel their careers. Since 2021, Converse has proudly backed over 85 All Star Projects worldwide, investing over $1,000,000 in emerging talent. Albert stands as the only Filipino recipient of this prestigious award for the year 2024.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind “GET UP!”, Albert shares, “Being in the music industry is a free fall. Growing up, you often feel like you’re enjoying the flight, but then gravity hits you hard with reality – having to land, stay grounded again, and force yourself to get up.”

Such sentiments resonate throughout the song’s lyrics, which candidly explore the struggle of pursuing dreams while confronting the realities of adulthood. “Dealing with that process can be fight or flight, and I’ll admit it took me to my lowest point towards the end of last year,” he adds. Yet ultimately, it was during this period of introspection that “GET UP!” was born.

Brothers RJ and Ryan Pineda contributed their talents to the song’s production — enhancing the track’s dynamic sound and emotional depth. Timmy With the help of the Converse All Stars program, Albert is able to underscore the transformative power of music to inspire and unite individuals across diverse backgrounds.

Listen to Timmy Albert’s “GET UP!” below: