Pop band The Juans have premiered their latest single, “Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan” (Can I Ask You Out?).

The song was first teased via social media, where the band posted a video skit of someone trying to ask their crush on a date. At the end of the video, a snippet of the song was played while the title was revealed. “Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan” follows their 2023 releases like “Galaxy” and their EP Back Home.

In a press statement, the band shared, “The song is happy, bubbly, quirky, and fun! This is the song you should listen to if you want to feel energized, and remember that kilig feeling you get when you see your crush or loved one. Inspired by our love and devotion to our Juanistas, this song is our way of making them feel valued, pursued, and looked after.”

Habang-buhay namin kayong liligawan, Juanistas!” (We will always court you, Juanistas!)

As the band welcomed the Valentines season, they shared during the recently concluded UP Fair concert Hiwaga that the song [is a] “sign…from the universe for you to take a chance on that special someone.”

“Let The Juans’ new single be the soundtrack to your love story this love month. You never know, your crush might feel the same way. So muster up the courage and ask them, ‘pwede ba kitang ligawan?’ — four simple words that could change everything. Malay mo, baka makamit mo ang matamis niyang oo at payagan ka niyang tumambay sa puso niya (You never know, maybe you’ll get that sweet ‘yes’ and they’ll let you take up space in their heart),” they continued.

Next week, the band is set to embark on their North America tour. The tour will commence on February 23 in Vancouver, with stops in Saskatoon, Calgary, New York, San Francisco, and more until it concludes in San Diego on March 23. They are set to perform on the Thursday and Friday events of UP Fair this year.

Listen to The Juans’ “Pwede Ba Kitang Ligawan” below.