In an announcement made today (December 12), Live Nation announced that rapper S.Coups will not be participating in the upcoming SEVENTEEN ‘FOLLOW’ tour in Bulacan this coming January 2024.

The concert production company wrote, “Hello. As announced in PLEDIS Entertainment’s October 19 notice, SEVENTEEN member S.COUPS is currently not participating in any official activities to focus on rehabilitation treatment and recovery. Accordingly, it will be difficult for S.COUPS to participate in the SEVENTEEN TOUR ‘FOLLOW’ TO BULACAN concert. We ask for your kind understanding. Thank you.”

PLEDIS Entertainment originally announced in October that S.Coups sustained an injury during a program shooting and had to undergo surgery. Since then, the rapper has taken a break from all of the group’s promotional activities.

“S.COUPS sustained a tear in his left anterior cruciate ligament and underwent anterior cruciate ligament and anterolateral ligament reconstruction surgery. He is currently receiving post-surgery care and is focusing on his recovery. It has been almost two months since he underwent this surgery, and he is currently recovering. However, the affected area is still in a vulnerable state. Rehabilitation treatment is crucial at this stage, and he has received medical advice that it would be best to avoid any physically taxing activities for the time being,” PLEDIS Entertainment wrote in their statement last October.

PLEDIS Entertainment continued, by saying that “the artist was deeply committed to participating in the pre-scheduled activities,” however the company felt that it was in S.Coups’ interest to prioritize recovery.

Last month, the K-Pop boy group announced a second day to be added to their concert; they will now be performing at the Philippine Sports Stadium on January 13 and 14. Tickets range between PHP 4,550 (Bleachers Center 2) to PHP 19,000 (VIP Gold). Tickets can be bought here.