In an effort to unite voices against the unjust Jeepney Phaseout, Filipino art collective Don’t Tell Nanay, in collaboration with UP Fair’s Kalye Tunes, Manila Community Radio, and Ugly Duck, proudly presents a fundraising event, titled “Please Tell Nanay #NoToJeepneyPhaseOut!” –– which will feature performances from PLAYERTWO, Sai Versailles, Papa Jawnz, Pette Shabu, A II Z, FEIFEI, Pikunin (of Kindred), obese.dogma777 (of Kindred), and Duality.

The whole-day event, slated for February 11, 2024, at the Ugly Duck Tapas Bar & Rooftop Lounge in Makati, will feature an evening gig alongside a series of activities designed to raise awareness and funds for the Tanggol Pasada Network—an alliance vehemently opposing the Jeepney Phaseout. This gathering aims to stand in solidarity with transport workers and commuters, addressing the challenges posed by the controversial Jeepney Phaseout which has stood as a longstanding issue in the Philippines.


Courtesy of Don’t Tell Nanay and Manila Community Radio

The day kicks off with a Community Fair from 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, featuring an array of art and merchandise from talented creators such as byresidents, ar1sing, martspng, jhem3rlyn, Makò Micro-Press, marianie, gusstelier, sobsannix, Luntiang Palamuti atbp., and Kulas Jalea. Ugly Duck will tantalize taste buds with their delectable food, while Street Kōhī provides a caffeine fix. Additionally, Tattoo Nebula will host a Tattoo Pop-Up, allowing attendees to commemorate the event in ink. The evening gig will then begin at 6:30 PM in the evening, with tickets available here at pre-sale prices of Php 450 and Php 500 for the door.

The entire event is a testament to the collective commitment to oppose the Jeepney Phaseout, which refers to a government plan to replace or upgrade old jeepneys, which are a popular mode of public transportation in the Philippines. The phaseout looks at either upgrading existing jeepneys — which are seen as integral to Filipino culture — to meet modern standards or replacing them with newer, more efficient vehicles, yet at highly expensive costs that make it inaccessible for jeepney drivers and operators to adapt to.

The proceeds raised will directly benefit the Tanggol Pasada Network, which is a diverse alliance comprising drivers, operators, commuters, local manufacturers, and citizens united against foreign and business-oriented modernization and transportation initiatives. It supports their campaign and advocacy for progressive and people-centric transportation policies, sustaining the livelihoods of over a hundred thousand transport workers impacted by the impending phaseout, and helping to avert a potential transport crisis.

In other news, PLAYERTWO will be releasing their second collaboration with FELIP, titled “Pagdali” this Friday (February 2), which follows their previously released collaboration “FLYYY”. Just last year, the hip-hop group released their debut album HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL. 1, which was recognized as one of 2023’s best albums of the year, while FELIP released his debut solo EP, COMPLEX which featured Bisaya tracks, including “MICTEST” and “CRIMINAL”.

Listen to PLAYERTWO and FELIP’s FLYYY below: