Following the release of their single “IDWTEXTUBABY” just last week, seven-piece boyband KINDRED have announced the release date of their upcoming debut studio album titled SUBSET this November.

Teasing the record online, the band released a brief clip on their Instagram shot from the set of their latest music video. The teaser, also directed by Jaime San Juan, follows the group scouring through the multicolored papers and office cubicles before closing up on a post-it with the words ‘SUBSET ALBUM COMING SOON’. Adding more details to the post’s caption, KINDRED tells us this is a one-month notice prior to the release, which clues us in on the record’s November release date.

KINDRED broke into the music scene late last year with “Switch on You”, a memorable debut that contained a sonic explosion of elements, fusing the R&B and Electronic genres into one distinct (and fantastic) package. Just this year, they released four more singles, including “Megastar (Interlude)”, which features a guest appearance by Sharon Cuneta –– marking the latter’s return to the music scene since 2018. 

Listen to KINDRED’s latest single “IDWTEXTUBABY” below: