Davao-based hip-hop quintet PLAYERTWO have released their single sampling veteran singer Nina’s hit, “Someday.”

The song was announced and previewed via the members’ Instagram stories and TikTok account. “Someday” is part of Warner Music Philippines current series of releases celebrating their 30th anniversary in the country, where their roster of artists cover various Filipino songs over the past few decades. Some of the releases include FELIP’s cover of Never The Strangers’ “Moving Closer,” Jason Dhakal’s cover of Sitti’s “Para Sa Akin” (For Me), Sugarcane’s cover of MYMP’s “Set You Free,” and more.

“With a legendary sample from Nina, we wanted to treat this song with a lot of care and thought. Along with the backdrop of Isagani’s [Palabyab] instrumentation we shared stories of hurt from our lives and perspectives. It’s a very bittersweet song about moving on for the better but still remembering the hurt,” shares Ivo Impreso, one of the members of the group. “I like to think that this is the start of a new season for PLAYERTWO. Music, lyrics, production, it’s gonna be done better and differently.”

Earlier this year, the group, composed of members Impreso, Luke April, Wave P, Puhken, and Ven Villariza, released their debut album HAPPY ACCIDENTS VOL. 1 following their viral hit, “THAT’S MY BABY.” Then, the quintet went on a short album tour in Metro Manila which was supposed to conclude at the now-cancelled Plus63 Festival. They were slated to perform alongside Weezer, Aminé, mxmtoon, and Lola Amour.

Listen to PLAYERTWO’s cover of Nina’s “Someday” below.