Olivia Rodrigo has just dropped the music video to the highly-anticipated bonus track “Obsessed” from the GUTS (SPILLED) deluxe edition.

The video, directed by Mitch Ryan, showcases the pop star walking around a hotel ballroom alongside a number of competitive pageant queens –– who we can assume are representations of the former lovers of Rodrigo’s love interest. Presented on the pageant sashes of the other women present include titles like “Miss Thought She Was The One”, “Miss Also Thought She Was The One”, “Miss Two Summers Ago”, “Miss Mom’s Favorite”, “Miss Still His Closest Friend” –– and that of Rodrigo’s, which holds the title of “Miss Right Now.”

As presented in the track’s visuals, Rodrigo features a straight-faced expression throughout most of the video (which demonstrates an underlying, if not repressed, jealousy towards her lover’s exes) that’s almost cathartic during the track’s main verses, paired together with guitar shredding as the chorus of the track becomes more frantic as it goes on. And well upon the departure of all the other pageant queens, it’s the 21-year-old pop star who is left to clean up the mess of her almost rage-filled party in her head.

“Obsessed” serves as one of the five new tracks added to the deluxe edition of her sophomore album GUTS, which also includes “Scared of my Guitar”, “Girl I’ve Always Been”, “Stranger”, and a brand-new release –– “So American”. The track, alongside all the other deluxe songs excluding “So American”, were previously released on a limited edition exclusive vinyl record for Record Store Day’s Black Friday celebration last year, also appearing on some of the other colored variants of GUTS on the physical media format. Describing the release on her social media accounts, Rodrigo recounts how “Obsessed” has been in the works with co-collaborators St. Vincent and Dan Nigro for almost three years –– which is why she’s now “so proud” to release the track to the rest of the world.

Watch the music video to Olivia Rodrigo’s “Obsessed” below: